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  • Member: 808-buma
  • Title: Kyttys Gone Bad - Anna & Uni Puma: Punk Rockers
  • Premiered: 2005-05-19
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    • Ramones Sheena is a Punk Rocker
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  • Comments: [version 050529]
    This is more of an 'AMV short' rather than a full-fledged AMV as it was created as a birthday present for a friend than anything else. However, with her permission, I am posting it here as my first completed AMV (although not my first started, more below).

    This AMV has had at least 2 'completed' forms, of which posted here is the latter (and better, imho) version. The original file was hastily made over a period of 4 hours over 2 days as I orignally thought the persons birthday was a week earlier than it actually turned out to be. Lucky for me and the AMV, I was early and that gave me a bit more time to rework the AMV into its current form. So, after about another 2 hours of reworking, adding more footage, and lenghening the song, the final AMV is what is shown here. This AMV was pretty fun to create. This is my second AMV, but first one to be completed (the first, DGDI1&0, has hit a technical snag as of this writing and hopefully will be done soon).

    The anime used is an oldie but goodie - Dominion Tank Police by Masamune Shirow. I've always had a soft spot in my head, er, heart, for this anime. Yes it has a disjointed story and it's more about things going 'boom' than anything else, but still, it was pretty cool for its time. The main 'bad girls' are the Puma Sisters - Anna & Uni, which are the stars of this AMV. How could you not like twin cybernetic feline girls that ride motorcycles?

    The audio file used (which actually gave me the whole idea for this AMV) is Sheena is a Punk Rocker by the Ramones. Not known for their lyrical complexities, this song basically repeats its lyrics verbatim in the second half of the song, so due to this and the 'time constraints' I mentioned above, I cut the song in half and just used about 1 minute of it for the AMV.

    As to the 'theories' behind it, I must admit, there are little. As still a noobie at this, I was attempting my best to match video clips to the lyrics - basic AMV stuff. There are some unusual non-beat cuts in the AMV, but for those, I also tried to sync with actions going on in the vid to add a bit more interest. I also wanted to minimize the effects used to only a fade in the begining and one at the end to match the song's rather simple construction.

    Things I wish I could have done:
    1 - do the whole song, but as it is pretty much a lyrical repeat in the second half of the song, I don't know how I would do it.
    2 - some of the very first scenes are pretty dark in the final, and I would have liked to have adjusted them to be a bit lighter so you could see the scenes a bit better. May do that one day, but as all my saved versions of the original NVE files have all crashed on me (stupid work computer glitch), I think I'd have to reconstruct the video from scratch again to do that...
    3 - make the video smaller in size and easier to download. At 20megs for a 1+ minute file, I don't know how some of you make twice a much footage fit in the same amount.

    Programs used:
    DVD Decrypter - to get the VOB files and demux them
    MPEG2Cut - freeware program that I use to make video clips from the original source video files
    Nero Vision Express 3 - great linear editor, and since I had it and had a bit of experience with it, it was the natural choice. Hopefully I will move on to a better non-linear editor soon.
    MPTrim - a freeware audio file editor that works directly with MP3 files without conversion - used to trim the audio file and the fades.
    VirtualDubMod - the all-around champ for AVI files, this is a basic must for conversions and compressions
    AVISynth - the command line all-around wonder tool for AMV's, it took a while to figure out, but man, it's a great program!

    The AMV, with some slight alterations to the beginning and ending bumper sequences from the original birthday AMV is presented here.

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