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  • Member: Kerydwenn
  • Studio: Paradigma
  • Title: Of Dreams And Shadows
  • Premiered: 2005-05-05
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  • Song:
    • Siouxsie and the Banshees Rhapsody
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    This one is an AMV I had had in the works for quite some time, and really wanted to make, even though it's about an anime that isn't very well-known/much appreciated, and with a song that is quite long; I had to cut and fade some parts of said song, but I didn't want to cut more, as I felt that it'd have removed too much of the music's strength, so to say. Is this a good choice when I'm still so new at learning the ropes? Probably not... still, as I said, I got much pleasure in working on it.

    I chose this song by Siouxsie and the Banshees because I happen to really like it, as well as the way it seemed to blend with the whole mood of the movie. It was a bit hard to figure out the exact meaning of the lyrics, though, so I went with my feelings about it, rather than with a proper explanation. In fact, I think you could say that this AMV was mostly feelings-driven, including the fact that I really needed to "let it out" finally, hence why I worked on it, rather than starting on something new. I'm still including the lyrics in this description (see below), so that it may be easier to figure out.

    A few words about the movie; Angel's Egg is, to say the least, a VERY particular movie. I personally happened to like it a lot, but I can't count anymore the amount of people who didn't. It's mostly a slow and silent movie (save for the background music, that is), the main characters are rather inexpressive and seemingly completely lost, and the world is dark, weird, gothic, frightening in most of its aspects, and marked with a definite feeling of hopelessness. This world depicted here was something that quite fitted the mood of the song, in my opinion (even though the lyrics may hint at some hope, to me it sounded more like a kind of doomed and gloomy hope, something one would take because nothing else is left; "we can dream all we want to"... and nothing more).

    The approach I took was mostly one of fading dreams, of something that could happen but never would, just like the main characters "could have become", yet just turned out to never have been meant to be... just like the girl represents a kind of hope that is too ancient to go on existing, while the soldier is, probably without knowing it, more a person in dire need of a hope he doesn't even understand how to find. The movie itself is like a long dream that cannot end well, in a way. Most of the action happens from sunset to dawn, darkness is over-present, and save for the two human characters, the rest seems to only pertain to the realm of shadows and foolish dreams.

    I also have an obsession with the fishermen, as you can easily see. Quick explanation for those who haven't seen the movie: the fishermen are statues that take life at night, when appear giant shadow-fishes on the walls and ground of the decaying city. These men spend the night running after the fishes, trying to harpoon them, wholly turned toward their goal and totally oblivious of the rest of the world around them, yet never succeeding, as if forever trying to catch a slippery dream. I felt that this was another of these symbols that deserved to be included in the vid. Somehow, I think that if I had enough clips featuring them (or had picked a much shorter song), probably I could've made an AMV dedicated to the fishermen only.

    Technical notes

    This is actually a very old vid, considering that I had started working on it back in May/June of 2002, before taking a (very) extended break from AMVs in general. It's my second AMV ever, but given that in three years, I pretty much forgot everything I had learnt back then and needed to get some practice and experience again, I guess one can safely say that it's my "second first vid", or something pretty similar. I'm not sure of how much time I spent on it, probably 40+ hours over three or four weeks total; part of this involved reworking the concept, as my thoughts about it had changed a bit after the three years gap, and I got into a good bit of trial & error to figure out again how to get proper output. Uhm, it may have been way more than 40 hours, actually.

    One thing I'm not satisfied with is the visual quality - I had the nasty surprise of discovering that when I extracted the source clips, three years ago, I seemingly botched a little, and what I found backed up on CD when I started working on it again were somewhat compressed versions of what I thought were "good" files. Talk about a great thing to work with. Now, the result is still very watchable, and I tried to do my best at the encoding stage too, but I wish I had knew what I was doing a few years ago, instead of storing such sources.

    I also realized, as I was reaching the vid's completion, that some of the sync in it might be perceived as being "off". This was a bit of an annoying thought, as it's not I didn't always want my syncs to be on a beat, sometimes it's on a lyric, a word, the specific sound of an instrument... it depends. I've decided to keep things as they are, in any case.

    The filesize is a tad bit large, sorry for this. Between its length and the problem with the sources, after many attempts, I realized that I couldn't make it smaller without damaging the visual quality even more (yes, that's with the Xvid encoder; I promise I tried).

    NB: No lip sync category on this one. There are like 15 lines of dialogue throughout the whole movie, including some that are as short as "Anata wa dare?", it's really not like I couldn't have avoided scenes in which characters are talking. As for "effects", well, except for overlays/fadings, I don't think it deserves such a category either; these to me get included in the Action/Editing part.

    Software found guilty of involvment in the making of this vid:
    - Adobe Premiere 6.0
    - VirtualDubMod
    - XviD-1.0.3-20122004 Final Release


    In the soil of our sadness
    Hear our hearts bell a serenade
    A faint choir tenderly shaping
    A lament... a hollow refuge

    In the blood of the twinkling sky
    Breathing in air drunk dry
    There was once a time of rapture
    All is lost... a pale gleaming

    Across this crooked land
    Runs a crooked man
    Our loved ones die
    Under the hammer
    Of the Soviet sun

    Nothing can erase this night
    And there's still light with you
    And if we can never see the sun
    There's still light with you

    And I have seen all I want to
    And I have felt all I want to
    But we can dream all we want to
    We can dream all we want to

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