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  • Member: Tairaa
  • Title: Sharingan Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-04-11
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  • Song:
    • Godhead The Reckoning
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  • Comments: When I first started watching Naruto I was really into Godhead and when the Sharingan was introduced it always reminded me of the song I used, so one of my first videos was a tribute to the Sharingan eye using this song. Since then Itachi has been introduced into the anime and I decided to add him into it as well. And then I decided to remake this again and here is version 2, that is actually version three but the very original one didn't use the same song so I count this as version 2 only. I tried to show everything there is about the Sharingan in this video. It's ability to copy jutsus, to predict the opponents movements, and also it's weakness of draining the user quickly if used constantly. One thing I wish I could have done without is one scene with subtitles, but I'll live. Hope you enjoy it.

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