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  • Profile: At first I only put my Kiba and Akamaru tribute onto this site so some of my friends could download it. But after it getting two hundred hits in two days, and with supportive opinions, I have decided to try to entertain more people with my videos.

    I first started watching anime music videos by Majin Mebs of the old Majin Planet. He inspired me to try making my own music videos. And to me, he stands out because of his skill to make good music vidoes without the use of effects, but mainly with a good theme and a song to support that theme. So I have tried keeping that alive in my videos and using a theme to make the video good.

    And with effects, I have been told many times I should use effects. And I liked them at first, but soon it was what people wanted in a video more. And the video was judged more on the amount of effects in a video and less on the theme of it. So I refuse to use effects, other than simple fading, and I know just with that comment I will lose a few people. Also I don't want it to appear I hate videos with effects, that is in no way true. Quite a few of the videos I have enjoyed had effects, just not over used and seemed to be what made the video. I would say my videos are for the ones who enjoy old style theme and punch timing themed videos. I do mostly fighting type videos and that is where I focus more on punch timings, while the only video I have uploaded on here at the time is a sentimental one I let the theme of it ride alone for the most part.

    I have made videos from a few animes: Inu-Yasha, DBZ/GT, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Yu Yu Hakusho, and a few others. But lately I have been more into making Naruto and Bleach videos. I mostly make Naruto videos but I have made a few Bleach ones as well that I may put up sometime.

    I also sort my videos based on the anime. Like a Naruto video it will be Shinobi Tairaa, a Bleach would be Shinigami Tairaa, Inu-Yasha Youkai Tairaa, Yu Yu Hakusho Jaganshi Tairaa, and so on. This is mainly for my own use for sorting out my videos since I have a bad habit to just make quick ones for my own personal enjoyment.

    So now that you know a little more about my style of videos I hope you can enjoy them a little more. And thanks for the supportive opinions I have gotten.

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