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  • Member: gokufievel
  • Studio: Neon Nebula Studios
  • Title: The A-Files
  • Premiered: 2005-03-25
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    • X-files Theme (Original)
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  • Comments: Agents Ranma and!!! had been a good long while since I had made an AMV so it took me a week to make this one. This is only my third serious one.

    I had for eight years been a huge X-Files fan along with my mother. My mother isn't into Anime at all what so ever. However she is a Star Trek Generation fan and a huge X-Files fan. Every Friday then Sunday we would watch X-Files together until it ended in 2002 so this AMV is dedicated to her. (Too bad the last two seasons of X-Files wasn't very exciting)

    I had bought four Anime's at a Hastings that was getting rid of all of their Anime VHS, so I bought a copy of RayEarth. That Anime's pretty creepy, it's like Evangelion meets Stephen King with Japanese School girls.

    There's also FLCL in here. Let me tell ya somethin, some people were wondering why I didn't make any AMVs for a while and that's because I stopped watching Anime for about half a year in 2003. Why? Because I was depressed, I was working a lot, I was out of town, and I was hooked to the news media that year. That was until Adult Swim showed Fooley Cooley and I was THRUST back into Anime, I instantly fell in love with FLCL.

    Anyway this AMV is designed to show the X-Files-ish style of Anime and there are two different versions of the song in here. A lot of people had a problem with me using both versions in the same AMV but I tried my best to make it flow along and fade in and out.

    I was going to have a scene where Ranma shouts out to Akane, "Samantha!" as she's being abducted but I ran out of time, plus it looked stupid I wanted the whole thing to be music instead.

    The audience wasn't too happy with this one at Anime Oasis 2005 it was the first AMV to be shown that night. Again I'm better known for my comedy AMVs but I think this is one of my most artistic AMVs. This one's a little funny some people got a kick out of Fooley Cooley being in there.

    Please don't forget to Submit your Opinion of this AMV so I can have some Feedback.

    Just Download and Trust No One!!!

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