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  • Member: gokufievel
  • Studio: Neon Nebula Studios
  • Title: In Loving Memory of the Sailor Scouts
  • Premiered: 2003-03-21
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: Ahh...this is the saddest AMV other than the September 11th one I created.

    WARNING: THERE ARE MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS AMV in fact another Sailor Moon fan was a little upset with me showing this AMV at the contest in Anime Oasis because he was like, "Great now I know how it all ends" SO DON'T WATCH IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW SAILOR MOON ENDS ON YOUR OWN!

    All I have to ask you is how did you feel when you saw the ending to the Sailor Starlights Saga? When I saw the ending to Sailor Moon Sailor Starlights...No Kidding...I CRIED!

    This was a much better ending than DragonBall Z was with that silly Majin Buu Saga. It's kind of weird, DragonBall Z started off great and serious and ended a little stupid. Sailor Moon started off silly and dumb but ended dramaticly.

    This is an AMV that shows the FINAL STRUGGLES of the Sailor Scouts in their final battle with Galaxia, and the pains of Sailor Moon seeing her fellow Scouts fall before her and there's nothing she can do about just made me cry myself. Esspecially when Galaxia got Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars, that broke my heart and caused me to wrench in my stomach!

    Around the time I saw these episodes of Sailor Moon, I heard Linkin Park's In the End song over the radio and immediately I thought of the Sailor after made the Mortal Kombat AMV and the September 11th one, I got straight to work on this one.

    And so this AMV is dedicated to the beautiful Sailor Scouts who gave their lives to save the Earth as it's said in the title...IN LOVING MEMORY OF THE SAILOR SCOUTS!

    Please leave your feedback as to your feelings of this AMV.

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