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  • Member: gokufievel
  • Studio: Neon Nebula Studios
  • Title: Ryoga
  • Premiered: 2002-04-05
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    • Weird Al Yankovic The Yoda Song
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  • Comments: This was my very, very FIRST Anime Music Video that I ever created. I wrote the lyrics for this in 2000 as a poem for my English class but I turned it into an AMV in 2002 when I was going to my very first Anime Convention.

    The funny thing is even though this was my first AMV I had never seen any real AMVs before so this was just a lucky guess. Then I saw other people's AMVs like Aluminum Studios which were WAY better than mine.

    You will either LOVE OR HATE THIS AMV WHY? Because it's sung by me in Karaoke form! The song is parody of Weird Al's "Yoda" or Dr. Domento's "Lola" only sung as "Ryoga".

    Even though this was my first AMV I WON THE AMV CONTEST at Anime Oasis in Boise for best comedy on my first try, how about that. (But that's also because not too many other people entered that year) However I got LAST PLACE and it got BOOED at Anime Expo in New York City that same year, so like I said your either going to love this ...OR HATE IT! It all depends on who's watching it.

    Oh and even though the song is all about Ryoga, just so ya know my favorite Ranma 1/2 character is Ranma (in red head female form)

    Also please note that this will be in AVI format so make sure that you can see it I will try to get an MPEG up as well but the quality is going to be really bad.

    Well, while your downloading it or watching it I have the exact lyrics that you can read right below, Thank You for watching!

    Scene Opening from Ranma ½

    Music Opening…

    I met this kid once down in Furinkan High, Where he was babbling all the time say’n Ranma Saotome prepare to die!

    Prepare to Die! Oh ya!

    I saw the little squirt didn’t like me at all, So I asked him his name, And then in an angry voice he said, Ryoga…




    Music Break…

    Well I’ve been around but I ain’t ever seen, A guy who turns into a pig while he still in his teens,

    Oh my, Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga…

    Well I’m not dumb but I can’t get a clue, At how he can hang out with Akane and keep his secret too.

    Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga…Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!

    Well my curse turns me into a red headed chick! But Ryoga’s curse has got me licked! So now he’s blaming this on me and Genma, Well ya shouldn’t have followed us into China!

    He and I were rivals every now and then, So it looks like we’re gonna start all over again. With my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!


    Music Break…

    So I use Anything Goes Martial Arts! That I learned from training with Pops! I blocked the “Breaking Point Attack” While that Idiot wouldn’t take off his backpack! Well I won’t forget what Ryoga said,

    He said, “Ranma let me have Akane, Because you don’t even love her anyway”

    Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!

    Well I said, “Ryoga I’m not as stubble as a chin, I’m not fighting for Akane, I’m fighting to win”

    Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!


    Well it looks like I’ve won this little match, A cold’s the only thing Ryoga can catch! But I know that he’ll be comin’ back someday, He’ll lose his sense of direction and he’ll loose his way!

    And even though I’ve got this battle I’ve won, There will be Akane petting Ryoga as “P-Chan”

    Oh my Ryoga! “You son of a GUN!” Ryoga!

    “Get away from HER!”


    “I hate YOU!”


    Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!


    Scene from Ranma ½

    Music Ends

    Well like I said I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and Please leave feedback, I am curious as to what you think of this AMV.

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