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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: 大切な思い - Taisetsu na omoi (Precious Memory)
  • Premiered: 2005-03-20
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    • Blaque Till the last tear drop falls
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  • Comments: [Remastered Version]
    This video was remastered using the R1s as source, so the visual quality is MUCH MUCH better now. And of course I encourage those that left ops to consider adjusting their visual scores respectively ^_- Anyway, I recomend re-getting it, as I was totally not happy with the quality from the HKs, and spent a GREAT deal of effort to remaster these. Since the timming was diferent on the official DVDs verses the HKs, and I originally edited from 1 big AVS file, I had to splice up, adjust the timming viea trim and blackspace commands in AVIsynth, and rejoin the segments back together to match the exact timming on the HK file. (3 episodes in 6 segments plus 3 blackspace commands) I had alot of toruble figuring out the exact frames to clip or add to each section, and had to export the thing like 5 times because some section was off 1 frame ;p Basically in other words, I spent alot of time to remaster this, so get it ;p

    Taisetsu na omoi is a bittersweet romance video to the side characters in chobits, Mr Hiroyasu Ueda (the cake shop owner), Omouru Yumi, (The girl that works at Yorukonde) and Ueda Yumi (His persacon). Yes they have the same first name... intresting coincidence ;p

    The Story
    The Video centers on Ueda-san's love with his first persacon, how he lost that love, and is faced with the new feelings presented by the human girl Omouru Yumi, and is afraid to love again, since he still loves his first love. He finds he also has feelings for this new girl, and ... well watch the video to see how it turns out ;p

    I loosely followed the story of the anime, but with a few twists of my own in the story. I took a few scenes out of context to support the story of the video rather than that of the anime. So Watch the video first, and try to follow the story of the video rather than what happened in the anime, even though its very similar. THEN read my comments below on what I was attempting to accomplish.


    In the anime, when the Manager Ueda-san meets the human girl yumi, it is some time after he lost his first love, the persacon yumi, but the human girl yumi finds out about the persacon, and develops doubts about herself and that she cannot live up to the expectations since she cannot do everything a persacon can. Hence why she always gets quiet when Hideki talks about persacons. the conflict was more so on the girl yumi in the anime than on the manager.

    In this video, I shift the focus on conflict to Ueda'san instead, in that he can't decide on weather or not he can move on and learn to love again. This new girl Yumi comes in after he recently lost his first love, Persacon Yumi, and he finds he also develops feelings for her, but he also still loves the first girl, persacon yumi. He then decides at the end that he doesn't need to forget persacon yumi, but he can love again and keep both in his heart. The first girl as a precious memory that he will never forget, and the new girl yumi as his new love.


    The video was made using only the 3 episodes that told this story arc in the anime, and so I had to realy make do with some scenes that I wish I had better options for. Amazingly there is almost 0 repeated footage in this one. (only 1 little scene was used again, but in an effect the second time, so its probably not even noticable.

    Software used: Premeire and Photoshop
    Editing style: Slow and dramatic, with a few faster cut sequences. Its mostly about story than action. Simple fade-cut editing with some Blur work and overlays also.
    Codec: Xvid 1.2 Full quality single pass. Quant-P2,B4
    Audio: 192KBPs Lame Mp3
    Source: HK Dvds, cleaned up with deen and mftoon filters. Descent, but I plan to remaster once I get the R1 DVDs for best quality. Remastered using R1 DVDs, WAY better quality ;p
    Time to complete: Roughly 20-30 hours in the span of 5 days. It was pretty easy to plan the footage since it was so little of it, and it fit the song so well. so most of the time is in actual editing, polishing, and exporting.

    Remaster Details:
    If your curious on how I did the AVS file to adjust the timming and all, heres what it looks like. Everything below Alignedsplice() is just cleanup filters and such.:

    v2 = mpeg2source("G:Till the last tear drop fallschobits2a.d2v")
    v3 = mpeg2source("G:Till the last tear drop fallschobits2.d2v")
    v5 = mpeg2source("G:Till the last tear drop fallschobits3a.d2v")
    v2a = trim(v2,0,15076)
    v2b = trim(v2,15110,0)
    v3a = trim(v3,0,19206)
    v3b = trim(v3,19240,0)
    v5a = trim(v5,0,16400)
    v5b = trim(v5,16461,0)

    v1 = BlankClip(v2, length=2718, width=720, height=480)
    v4 = BlankClip(v2, length=3164, width=720, height=480)
    v6 = BlankClip(v2, length=87671, width=720, height=480)
    Telecide(order=0) #1 for Top Field First or Telecide(order=0) for Bottom.

    This was the AVS file I edited to. Deen and Mftoon was also aplied after the project export when encoding to Xvid.

    Although This video was actually done as a kindof warmup to chobits for my next serious romance video I'm doing for Otakon, And I was originally going to use only simple edits fades and cuts etc, I actually found I enjoyed the concept and the song fit so well that I ended up being more serious about it than originally intended. Although probably not on the level of say AR2, I do beleive it came out quite nicely. Do check it out, and Please do leave opinions on what you thought of the video, It would be apreciated ^^ Beleive it or not, The next one for Otakon i'm doing is to the main characters this time ;p I've always wanted to do a chobits romance/sentimental video to Hideki and Chi, since I have yet to find one I realy like. look forward to it ;p

    As with all my videos, Direct link will be available only for a short while for those that can't download local. If you can download from local, please use that method, I have limited bandwith and they are both identical encodes.

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