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  • Member: Scott A Melzer
  • Studio: NoN.D.E.
  • Title: All Star
  • Premiered: 2002-02-15
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    • Smash Mouth All Star
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  • Comments: This video could not have been done without the help of Jon Miller (Ravenfire19 on and Lukas Chen (a guy who isn't listed here, but certainly SHOULD be), my good friends who have put up with so much of my crazy crap and still came through when I needed input, help, and emotional backup.

    I was trying to promote my group's parody, "This Is Otakudom." My good friend and AMV creator extraordinaire (shame on you for being a newbie if you haven't heard of him) Duane Johnson had hooked me up with the staff of NekoCon Flash (2001) and arranged for it to be shown there. I decided to go to the con, even though it would be in the middle of the school year and an 8 hour drive. Duane was also the guy running the AMV contest for the con. I found out that there was about two weeks left before the deadline, so I dredged one of my old ideas for a video out and tried to get it done by the deadline.

    The original idea for the video was another colaberation between Lukas and myself. Lukas had brought the song to my attention back at the end of 2000 (yes, I'm lame: I'd never heard it before, I'm so out of touch). I thought that the song sounded cool. Lots of neat bits that would be fun to tie music to. He didn't have an idea for an anime to use. I listened to the song, downloaded the lyrics and thought about it. The song seemed to be about a guy that everyone thinks is a loser, but he does things his own way and he does just fine. After I thought about it, Tylor sprang to mind. I bought the CD. However, the DVDs weren't out yet. A month or so later I came up with the idea for "This Is Your Life" so we ended up doing that.

    A year later, the DVDs came out and a friend (Marc McKenzie, who did all the great artwork in our parody) lent me his copies. I tried doing this video quickly. It seemed pretty simple. Tylor the loser, Tylor doing cool things, Tylor the beloved by his crew. Problem was, the footage doesn't exist. Yeah, that's what happens in the show, but we don't actually SEE that happening. Certainly not in video clips that could be taken out of context. It's mostly through dialogue.

    Still, it could have been slapped together as a fun little project. Jon Miller and I went nuts for two or three days. Progress wasn't good. But, maybe it would still get finished in time. Then the instrumental came and I had the dumb idea of making the characters dance to the music. I'd had an idea YEARS ago of using "The Macarena" and having various characters from other shows dance the insanely stupid dance. Some semblance of good taste (and fear for my well being) has stopped me from making THAT video, but the idea popped up here. After I'd spent about two hours trying to frame by frame get Tylor to do a soft-shoe, I realized that this wasn't working. Or, rather, that it WAS working, and that if I spent GOBS of time on the project, then it might look really cool, but if I rushed it I'd be very unhappy. The NekoCon deadline came and went.

    Over the next couple of months I occasionally went back to it. I was joking to myself that if I kept putting it off, I'd finish it in time for Otakon, the deadline for which was about 5 months away. I ended up getting close to finished shortly before the Katsucon deadline, but that came and went as well. Then the deadline was extended. I worked with Lukas over winter break and we ended up getting it done. I finished it the morning two days before it needed to be received, and overnight mailed it to Katsucon's contest. To my great surprise, it won first place.

    I'll go into more detail later, but it's 4:00am, and I really need to crash.

    Thank you very much to everyone who liked the video enough to vote for it at Katsucon. The contest was a mess (don't want to get into it here) but there were some very very good videos there.

    I hope you all enjoy it.

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