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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: starwind/hawkings productions
  • Title: Pain of War
  • Premiered: 2005-01-24
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  • Songs:
    • Alter Bridge Broken Wings
    • Alter Bridge Open Your Eyes
    • Crimson Orchid Together We Stand
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  • Comments: Well I'm kicking off the new year with a new video. Like I said 2005 is going to be different than what you are normally use to from me. This is my first of three action videos this year. There's a long story behind this video and how I came upon it. It all started out in September of 2004 when I was working at Blockbuster's and I meet a new friend there. His name is Jacob (Jake), and he is the leader singer of a band called Crimson Orchid. He was somewhat interested in anime so I showed him some of my videos and he thought they were cool and wanted to know if I could make one for him and his band and place it here on the org so you guys can hear their music and enjoy my video. After going through their first album it was a hard choice and I came upon this song, "Together We Stand". It's their shortest song on the album, but it was the first song on their album that got attached to me. Sorta speak. I listened to the song from September all the way through the end of November planning this video, while working on the Over Dramatic Uber Sentimental Outlaw Star Music Video. So I always have a video ready after I finish one. Anyway, I got started working on this December 12th and spent at least 4 nights a week 4-6 hours each night working on this video. So after Nearly 5 1/2 weeks of work it is finally finished. This video I can say truely was the hardest video I've worked on yet. It was because of how much editing was invovled, action videos aren't normally my style, and also that it was a Kenshin video. I know people are going to think oh it is another Kenshin video, but I can honestly say that this video willn't disappoint you. I think it has somewhat of an original story line, for as a Kenshin amv can go. Feel free to see where I was going with the video and let me know if I got my story across in it. Eventhough action videos I've seen don't normally support stories, that was trick to making this video. Trying to put a story in an action Kenshin video without people going it was your typical Kenshin video with no story. I really hope you guys enjoy my most recent work. As always ops are appreciated and also if you could tell me what you thought of the band, please let me know.

    Here's a link to Crimson Orchid's site if you are interested in more of their music...

    Here are the lyrics:

    stand in new poses can you give yourself wholly. never say never never sacrifice in vein. dead poole now shallow holding fears for tomorrow. take bites to big to swallow never dwell upon the shame. you can't put the finger you know hatred tends to linger. if you live within the trigger you can quickly dodge the pain. open up your heart now casting light into the dark now. if you activate the third eye. you'll never feel the same

    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..
    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..

    send the grave roses homage paid to fallen soldiers. each day the battle wages who's side are you on. only led to follow, paving bridges to tomorrow. there's no need now to lay down. I can see the coming dawn.

    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..
    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..


    even now as the day grows darker. seeing always gets a little bit harder. i can see it all. speeding on but never dare to stop and kill me now right before the drop I'm so afraid, to stall. hold me now because I think I"m falling deeper down where the dark is crawling. I can see it all. Hold me close you know this part gets scary. never been a concern never been wary. always blinding on.

    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..
    my fails for nothing...divided we fall..

    See you all around.

    Also I want to thank Toji Fujawara with his help on compressing this video and his help in a few spots where I didn't know where to find a sceen eventhough I could describe to him what I wanted. I appreciate his help.

    Gene Starwind 21122

    Alterbridge - Open Your Eyes (Opening)
    Alterbridge - Broken Wings (closing)


    Katsucon 2005 - Finalist
    White Angel Forum AMV Contest - 3rd Place Action
    Neko Studios AMV Contest - 2nd Place Action
    Scoobs Net Forum AMV Contest - 2nd Place Action
    Scoobs Net Forum AMV Contest - 1st Place Crowd Favorite
    Sakuracon 2005 - Finalist
    Anime Mid Atlantic 5 - Finalist
    Anime Next 2005 - Finalist
    Archon 29 - Finalist

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