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  • Member: lokoluis15
  • Studio: Ballesteros Videos
  • Title: Abstractly Untitled
  • Premiered: 2005-01-14
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  • Song:
    • The Pillows Advice (FLCL Arrangement)
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  • Comments: A bit more blogging about this video, it did actually compete as a finalist at Otakon 2006, though I have not tagged it as such until now, July 2008, unfortunately. I hope this video gets more exposure and I can get some more constructive criticism.


    Well, there is sort of a long story to this AMV. My friend wanted to make his own collection of FLCL DVDs with custom menus and AMVs in the special features and whatnot. He wanted me to do a background video for the main menu. After some negotiation, we decided that Advice would be a good song for the first DVD with only the first 3 episodes and Little Busters would be on the main menu on the second DVD containing the second three episodes. Because this DVD would only contain the first three episodes, I only used clips from those three, so Amarao and anything in the second half of the series don't have a say in this AMV. I come back three weeks later and hand him the precursor to this video. His initial response is "Wtf? Were you TRYING to make an AMV? Because that's one of the best FLCL AMVs I've ever seen! I can't ruin this by putting menus on top of it. Go make a crappier video!"

    So, what I eventually end up doing is going back and fine-tuning the AMV for submission to and result in the final product you see here. Download this video, I am very pleased with the way it came out. It's well synched, the clips are of perfect quality, It has great action and makes a very nice profile of the first three episodes.

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