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  • Profile: So its been a while since I visited the site, and I seem to have left the AMV community for the past few years. I seem to be very busy in college, but I have fond memories of making AMVs. I've received an above average reception so far; I was even a finalist at Otakon 2006, how cool is that? Anyway, I will probably be gone for a bit longer, but I promise the AMV community something amazing when I am out of college. I have several ideas already, it will be a masterpiece.

    Until then, keep enjoying AMVs, have fun everyone :)

    (PS I am leaving up this old profile, it's amusing...)
    (PPS That VAIO recently died ,,,;_;,,,)


    OK, I think it's time I take the time to write out a real profile so here goes.

    I started video editing a long time ago, I was raised with premiere and that's what I stick to. I took a video class at school, and they made me use iMovie...ugh. It's like the Mac version of Windows Movie Maker, only worse. I tried pinnacle studio deluxe at some point too, but I just don't like anything as much as premiere.

    I make AMVs every once in a while among my many editing projects, but some of them I find not good enough to put on I am a harsh critiquer of my work and as a result, I really only have a few AMVs on the site. Honestly I wish more people did the same, I have downloaded some videos that don't seem self-critiqued at all and are just wasting bandwith. I have made many AMVs, but only host the ones that I feel live up to my expectations and that I know people will like.

    I am on a Sony VAIO model バイオWJPCV-W502B and it is my absolute best friend. I bought it on a trip to Japan in march 2004. It was a hell of a bitch to get over here because it's all one piece, but it was well worth it. A VAIO is all I need to do video editing. With a built in capture card, TV software, and great media applications, I can do everything I need right here. And because I bought it in Japan, Windows is in Japanese. I have completely Japanese programs and keyboard, so having this really helps me learn Japanese. Also, the monitor is a widescreen 1260x780 resolution. Perfect for watching anime, seriously. Alright, I am done bragging about my computer. Oh, did I mention it has a remote control? ^_^

    I am a senior in high school this year, and am about to graduate and head out to Carnegie Mellon University to study Robotics. I have been extremely busy my senior year and have not had time to do any AMVs this year, but hopefully once I'm in college, I'll have a bit more time for that ;)

    A little bit about my studio. It's not really a studio, because I am the only person in it. I direct, produce, edit, encode, and distribute all of my works, so its a really private studio. Someday, though, Ballesteros Videos will be big, just you wait. And on the side, it's a really awesome name. Just say it. Seriously. Ballesteros. Doesn't that have a great sound? Ahhh yes

    Well, thanks for hearing about me. I hope that once I get into college I can put one of my videos in a convention. At this point, I live too far away from anything to make it convenient to go, somewhat annoying. But it's up to you to keep me motivated! Watch my videos, I assure you they are good because otherwise I would not put them up, and leave an opinion. Constructive critisism is always helpful. thanks!

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