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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: Brothers In Arms
  • Premiered: 2001-12-22
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    • Final Fantasy 8 Liberi Fatali
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  • Comments: To be blunt, this video is about the final episode/battle of Trigun. Brother vs Brother. Angel vs Devil. Vash vs Knives.
    The good stuff. Mmm boy.

    After much lack of inspiration for a GOOD video, I found myself downloading the introduction to FF8 (too cheap and too smart to buy the actual game), which recalled some memories of the cool, opera-action song they had going along with the beginning duel.
    Later on, I finished watching the entire series of Trigun, which, at this point, is my all-time fav anime now. And what kind of Trigun fan would I be if I didn't make an AMV regarding some point in the series. A foolish one, I tell you! Foolish!

    The song I decided to go with the video seemed truly perfect for this situation (although, everyone says that about this song). I went over the video script again and again in my mind every time I heard "Liberi Fatali." Like I said, it worked out perfectly. Most of the battle between Vash and Knives fit well. The only parts that seemed left out was the "gun-to-the-head contest", and some of the ending. Now that I bring the ending up, I wanted to make it so that the video would give off that "on-the-edge-of-your-seat" type sense that critics always seem to say about three-dollar horror movies. *cough Scream 3 cough*

    This video is pretty much just a first stab at creating a serious video. I have lots of videos of mine (most aren't hosted/revealed) and a good 90% of them are just lame action, so BIA was a new step for me in terms of genre.

    Tweeking this video was probably more of a pain in the arse than it should've been. Lotsa mistakes I wished I had noticed the first time, before I exported it, were revealed to me after I went over the video a few times. First off, the frame rate was too low so it looked butt-ugly after exporting. Then, I wanted to add in some cross-disolve flashbacks of Vash and Knives duking it out when they were younger, to create a sense that their battle would bring back some memories between the two. Third, I had found out the real name of the song I was using (before I had called it the "Introduction Song of FFVIII"; those were the days), so I needed to fix the little intro-thingie (What the hell are those called anyways? Bumpers? Bah).

    If you've seen my profile or a list of my videos, you'll that there's a "sequel" to BIA. Let me just fill you in that if you download the "sequel" first it won't ruin anything. In fact, the "sequel" is pretty much just a retelling than the "first" BIA, just with better... everything. =P

    *Spoilers, people. Spoilers. Watch the show first.

    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Time spent on creation: 45 hrs

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