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  • Member: Rozard
  • Studio: Random Variable Productions
  • Title: He's...Just Like Me...
  • Premiered: 2004-08-04
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    • Kenna Hell Bent
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  • Comments: It's up! After a little over eight months, it's finished and up for download.

    This video was my AWA Pro 10 video submission. It was up for Best Action and Best Angst, but lost out to two great videos [outlawed's ??? (Nekketsu Damashii) (Passionate Souls) for Best Action and MeriC & VegettoEX's Sex, Lies & Roses for Best Angst]

    My objective for this video is to express how the characters of Naruto all have emotional and psychological damage in their past, and how, when it boils down to it, they're the same inside. Over the course of the series, Naruto comes to this realization. Haku, Sasuke, Gaara, Rock Lee, Ikura...all of them have experienced how Naruto has felt in at least one way. Naruto even state (in his own words) my video title in the second half of Episode 58.

    And, of course, synced fighting and effects. Let's not forget those. Yay! My work on this video helped prepare me for the work I'd do in WHO SENT YA?! The action represents their struggle with their inner demons, quite literally. Each character deals with their emotions differently, though I may not have been able to show it. Those familiar with Naruto will know what I mean, and will know what events take place before and after the action sequences that are relevent to the character's emotions and reasons.

    The ending would have been the hardest part of the video, had Castor Troy not provided me with the creditless outro vobs from an R2 Naruto DVD. Otherwise, I would have had to try and edit the credits out with After Effects and Photoshop, and that would have been a bitch. Thanks, Ryan! I know the ending can seem clique, y'know, the "It was all just a dream" kind of deal, but that's how I intended it. Essentially, everything is an internal reflection of Naruto's about his friends and their pasts, as well as his own.

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