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  • Member: aluminumstudios
  • Studio: Aluminum Studios
  • Title: Silence
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan Silence
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  • Comments: Conventions shown at:
    --Otakon 2004 [Drama runner up]
    --CNanime 2004 [Best in Show]
    --Anime Weekend Atlanta 2004 pro contest [Best Artistic, Best Technical]

    This is my biggest project to date.

    I LOVE the art, characters and stories of Yoshitoshi ABe. I wanted to do a video that did his art justice. I wanted the video to actually give you a chance to look at the images and take them in. I wanted it to be like a moving art book so I used many scans from the NieA SCRAP art book as well as stills from the series. I also incorporated a few hand drawn images and CG. Several of the scenes such as the lake with glowing red _7's and Mayuko in the bath with the flowers are 100% original created for this video. The UFO documents at the beginning are real as well. They are documents released on the Freedom of Information Act web site about the government's official investigation into UFOs call "Project Blue Book."

    The scene near the beginning with the lake and red _7's is my interpretation of a scene from the opening to NieA. All of the scenes in this video contain imagery and ideas that I found hidden in the show. NieA is one of those misleading shows that seems comical on the surface but has a LOT going on underneath.

    I was so excited when I finally got to meet Yoshitoshi ABe at CNanime. I had him and his producer kindly autograph the artbook that I used in making this video:

    The video is 6 minutes long, of which only about 15%-20% is actual anime video footage. I spent hundreds of hours over a period of 6 months working on this video.

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