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  • Member: Altecha
  • Studio: Altecha Chan Studios
  • Title: The Lord of The Yen
  • Premiered: 2004-07-31
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    • Lord of the Rings Trailers Audio Track
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  • Comments: Small shoutout on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Hi Arethel. ^_^

    Update: Tuesday, November 9, 2004

    It is my personal honor and extreme pleasure to introduce a masterpiece from a master craftsman: SabreMau (Rylan Hilman). A few months ago he created from scratch a REMASTERED VERSION of LORD OF THE YEN. It is truly an amazing work of art and I am honored that SabreMau did this for me. Please private message him comments, messages of admiration, or anything that'll give him due credit for his magnificent work.

    One IBM T30 Thinkpad Laptop…

    One man’s insanity…

    Altecha Chan Studios proudly presents:

    The Lord of the Yen Trilogy: Fellowship of the Yen, The Two Pigtails, and The Return of Sakaki-san


    Osaka’s Ten Yen coin as The One Ring,
    The School as The Lands of Middle Earth,

    Osaka (Ayumu Kasuga) as Frodo Baggins,
    Chiyo Mihama as Samwise Gamgee,
    Nyamo-sensei (Minamo Kurosawa) as Gandalf the Gray and Gandalf the White,
    Yomi (Koyomi Mizuhara) as Elrond of Rivendale,
    Sakaki as Aragorn,
    Kagura as Legolas,
    Yamayaa as Gimli,
    Chiyo’s Elementary School Friends as Merry and Pippin,
    Karoin as Arwen,
    Chirio as Eowyn,
    Tomo Takino as King Theodon,
    Tadakichi as Eomer and the Riders of Rohan,
    Kimura’s Wife as Galadriel,
    Random Professor (Episode #1) as Boromir,
    Bruce “Three” as an Anonymous Elf

    Yukari-sensei (Yukari Tanizaki) as Sauron and Saruman,
    Kimura-sensei w/ “Daddy Hat” as Gollum,
    Kimura (going berserker) as Mt. Doom,
    Chiyo’s “Dad” as the Witch King and Shelob (the Spider),
    Yukari driving her car as The Ring Wraiths,
    Chiyo in Penguin Costume as the Uruk-Hai,
    Yukari and Kimura in P.E. clothes as the Bel’Rog,
    Nekoconeco Doll as an Oliphant,
    Tomo in Cat Costume and assorted Cats as Goblins/Orcs/etc.

    Video Length: 9 minutes 14 seconds
    Video Dimensions: 720 x 480
    Bitrate: 700 kbps
    File Size: 90.7 megabytes
    Video Codec: X-Vid

    I would first like to thank J.R.R. Tolkien and Azuma Kiyohiko. Their masterpieces, The Lord of the Ring and Azumanga Daioh, made this fan parody feature possible. My thanks also goes to Peter Jackson for doing a magnificent job of directing the movie trilogy.
    THE LORD OF THE YEN is a fan parody that sucked up six months of my life. Of that six months, four of them were spent daydreaming and discussing what-ifs to see if the thing was possible in the first place. Before I get to the process of creating this piece, I must confess something:
    I did not, in any way, come up with the idea for this parody.
    Unsurprisingly, the idea first surfaced during the opening weekend of The Return of the King. It came out of nowhere, when a friend voiced what a great combination it is to combine an anime with the LOTR movies. At that time, my mind was already occupied by a different project for my first parody video. You heard right folks, THE LORD OF THE YEN is only my second video as an amateur video editor.
    About a month into 2004, I finally got my hands on Azumanga Daioh.
    One long anime marathon later, I was ready. Thanks to the public Quicktime movie trailers from the official LOTR site, I had all I needed to begin the journey. Yet, I didn’t touch the project until mid-April. Why? Simply because before you can walk, you must crawl. Before you can video edit, you need to learn how video editing works. Or in my case, how Adobe Premiere works.
    Much of my success during the start of this project, is due to reading the commentaries and rants from other video editors. Namely, VICBOND007 and VEGGETTOEX. Their anime music videos are simply amazing and inspirational. Their opinions and experiences, invaluable. The guides at are great “training wheels” too.
    It wasn’t until I got to doing the “Two Towers” trailer did I realize I needed to supply my own animation. Mimicking the Uruk-Hai army would be impossible otherwise. So in comes Adobe Photoshop. Cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste, etc. From there, the rest is history.
    THE LORD OF THE YEN made its debut on Saturday Night at Otakon 2004’s Fan Parody block. The reception was marvelous.
    I’m going to continue my thanks to the administrators of Otakon, their Video Ops, and especially to my friends. All of whom put up with me during my long period of insanity.
    A more detailed background and history and a better quality file will be included at a later date. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this “short” trailer.

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