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  • Profile: I admit, I'm not the first person you would expect to do an AMV... (although close friends say otherwise)
    My interest in anime didn't spark any real inspiration other than sketches and lineart until I reached college. Before graduating high school, I and some friends enjoy "mixing" anime openings together. Meaning, we take two random anime opening clips, and see how far off the length of each clip is. Opening one clip on a separate computer (we typically appropiate our school's computers to do this), we play each one sychronized with the other (so that it begins/ends together).
    We got some hilarious results, such as "Card Captor Sakura" and "Gundam Wing", "Evangelion and Ranma 1/2", "GaoGaiGar" and "Gundam X", plus others.
    Anyway, right after New Years 2004, an idea came to me.
    During the last months of 2003, I acquired the trailor of an action movie that I enjoyed very much. I kept commenting to my friends on how a certain anime can fit ever so nicely in there. As members of PAS Krew (my college's anime society), we figured it was worth a shot. Acquiring footage, I soon acquainted myself with Adobe Priemere.
    Well, it was sort of like marrying it.
    I normally would add a description of the video, but I would like it to be a surprise during the summer. During which, I hope this first (and hopefully not last) Short Fan Parody will be seen at Otakon 2004. I don't really expect to win anything, since that sort of honor belongs to people like "VicBond007" and "VeggettoEX". But the sheer pride of the video airing at Otakon will make the effort worth it.
    In any event, upon returning from Otakon, this three minute video will make it's debut here.

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