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  • Member: Scott A Melzer
  • Studio: NoN.D.E.
  • Title: Neverending Story
  • Premiered: 1996-08-10
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    • Limahl Neverending Story
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  • Comments: My second video was made with my friend Terry Tao, who would help me years later with my 10th one. Once again, this was made with two VCRs over the course of a month. Fortunately, we accidentally stumbled onto something. Timing.

    There was originally an "intro" to the video involving dubbed footage clipped together from the scene where Ifurita sends Makoto to El Hazard (but it was so AWFUL that we had to cut it) which ends in white. The next scene, which is the first clip in the actual video, faded from white into the scenes with Makoto in the forest. Quite accidentally, the clip had a natural cut that happened exactly on the beat of the song. We thought it looked SO cool that we just had to keep it up. It was madness. That's when I learned exactly how to get edits exactly where I wanted. Other friends lived in the house during that time and they were getting really sick of hearing "Never ending... Neverending..." while we played with the timing for shot after shot. Sorry Mike, Amy, & Connor!

    The video itself was my first one with a story. It's kind of romantic. Makoto journeys through trial after trial to be with Ifurita. When he finally is, everyone else runs off and does their thing while the two lovers hold each other.

    One funny thing. When doing a video with Insert-edit, the original audio from the anime is left on the hi-fi track. We went back and played the hi-fi for fun when the video was done. In the scene in the video where Makoto turns around (in the original, he's talking to Shayla-Shayla) to see Ifurita hovering above the city (in the original, she's ready to destroy it), he smiles and says, "Oh, Sha-" which sounds a lot like, "Oh, Shit!" Totally accidental!

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