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  • Member: Tono_Fyr
  • Title: Samurai X - I Hate Everything About You
  • Premiered: 2004-06-08
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    • 3 days grace I hate everything about you
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  • Comments: This is my first real AMV. I ripped the video from DVDs and I've been working on getting them ready for a day or two. Enjoy.

    In hind sight (four month hind-sight) This video was pretty well done. The theme that I picked up from the Samurai X OVA was that Tomoe both Hated and Loved Kenshin, and that's why this AMV hit me. The synching is a bit odd on some things, but in most cases, I'm quite proud of it. This Still stands as my best AMV thus far, even four or five months after the fact.

    Now, fast forward another couple months (I think it's literally been 2) and I finally released my best video yet, FullMetal Doubt. This one still has a place in my heart as my first AMV (Hell, I'm thankful that I can look back on my first AMV and say "yeah, I made that as my first AMV" because a lot of people can't even watch their first AMV anymore).

    Eh, Enjoy.

    More new info!... That no one will ever read. Well, I finally got 2 vids out that kicked this one's ass. So.. Yay. I'm in planning on a new project that will actually have some emotional signifigance to me. Should end up pretty well.

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