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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Angel's Redemption
  • Premiered: 2004-04-24
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    • Mazedude Doom2 - Blood Bath
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    Contests Results:

    Anime Central 2004: Finalist in the Action Category.

    Otakon 2004: Finalist in Dramatic/Serious.

    Nominated for Best Instrumental, Best Dramatic, and Best Horror for 2005 VCAs. (Finalist in Instrumental and Horror.)

    The Concept:
    The Concept for this video, was to have a Dark Horror type atmosphere, Done in the style of an Action video (ofcourse with some action) But with alot of Mood, emotion, and story involved. You could say its a Hybrid of a Drama, Action, and even a little romance thrown together in an overall Dark and Eerie atmosphere. Effects usage was also a driving part of this concept, as it was intended to be my most technical challenge yet. These are the challenges I gave myself:

    1. Many effects (of wich I did not know how to do yet), but in a way that added to the mood and not detract,
    2. Switchup my Editing style often during the course of the AMV,
    3. Try to synch to every part of the music possible without making it too hard to follow,
    4. Make the timing as perfect as humanly possible
    5. Keep the effects simple and mostly subtle. I didn't want another Euphoria ;p (not yet anyway.... )
    6. Amongst all this, still tell a very deep story and keep strong mood and emotion throughout.
    7. Use Ayashi no Ceres as the anime, which is a challenge in itself to accomplish all of the above.
    8. Make Ayashi no Ceres look good. I want people to want to see the anime after seeing this video. (even though the anime isn't for everyone....)

    This was one huge experiment for me concept wise, and a challenge Technically, but unlike Sexy Body Cowgirls, it was handled very seriously and with much more dedication and effort. I hope it shows.


    (Warning!: This is not an AMV you can watch once and get everything! 
    It has alot of underlying story that switches between each other.  I
    suggest watching the AMV a few times before you read any further, to see if you
    can pick out the overall story on your own.  This will tell me how
    effective I was at conveying what I wanted to in the AMV
    Also be warned there are many white flashes in certain parts, and incredibly fast scene synching. Don't watch in a dark room, especilly if you are epiliptic prone ;p
    Update: Indirect link now contains versions with toned down white flashes. Not as hard on eyes.

    Also,  there is one major spoiler in this AMV,  not particularly
    important to the main story of the anime,  but it is a major spoiler
    nonetheless.  You have been warned.

    This is my biggest,  most technically advanced Project to date, and
    easily my best work to date as well.  This video is mostly a mood video, 
    with some of the original story of the anime carefully selected and thrown in to
    best express this mood.  It is aimed to bring to light the darker side of
    Ayashi no ceres,  and showcase all the tragedy and misfortune that happens
    to Aya in the anime due to her "Fate".  The video takes the approach of
    being told through the eyes of the fortuneteller that originally read her her
    fortune in the beginning of the series,  where she said:

    "When the 16 stars and moons come around,  you will know where your fate
    will lead you.  What I can see are blood, anger, and tragedy. 
    Everything in this society will be offbalanced,  Your fate would be
    strongly influenced by a dark star.  your energy and strong will might
    change the course of your fate.  It all depends on you."

    I decided to leave the last part of the prophecy off so as to lend more of a
    mysterious "They don't know whats coming" feeling to the end, where I cut it off
    at "This is your fate."  (Thanks to Madbunny for the idea)
    The story is a bit complicated in this one,  because It takes various
    sections of story from the anime, and tries to amplify those feelings and
    emotions in this video.  The more important feel in this video is the Mood,
    rather than the story,  but it helps to know the story,  especially to
    understand what happens in the later part of the AMV. 
    There are 3 different smaller stories going on at once,
    that all ties into one main story. The main story is all the trauma and tragedy
    that Aya is faced with after her 16th birthday because of her fate. the 3 mini
    stories are all 3 separate things that happen in the anime, that ultimately
    breaks her in the end. The first one being her father getting shot in the
    beginning, the middle one being her love with Toya (red haired guy, also the
    dark star) and the various things that happen due to this, and the third one,
    the most difficult one to tell in such a short AMV is the story with her, that
    other girl (with the short blue hair and the dimple), and Toya's love triangle
    type thing that happened in the anime.  Which ultimately leads up to her
    committing suicide, right in front of Aya, which is the last straw that
    ultimately "breaks" her in the end.  Those of you who have seen this anime
    knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    Because of a somewhat obscure nature of some of the characters centering
    around the actual story of the anime,  those of you who have not seen the
    anime may not distinguish between a few of the characters,  So I will give
    a brief overview of the characters here.  Note this is not spoiling
    anything in the anime really,  except maybe a few minor details you find
    out very early on anyway. 

    The Characters:
    Aya: - Yellow haired girl, (most depicted
    throughout the video) - Main character of the series, on her 16th birthday, the
    angel inside her, that was passed down from generation to generation finally

    Aki: - Golden haired boy.  (depicted in the very beginning and
    various other places in the AMV) is her twin brother. He also carries in him an
    ancestor passed down from generation to generation that had originally married
    the angel Ceres and had children resulting in these nutcases ;p Not terribly
    important to the story of this AMV though, but I barely touch on him. hes in it
    mostly just to be the brother that can't be with her. he is very important in
    the anime though. Hes also the elusive fishtank guy. (Inside joke, My beta testers couldn't figure out who the "fishtank guy" was ;p)

    Toya: - The red haired guy (first appears at 1:35) in amv- Depicted as
    the "dark star" in the prophecy (or fortune whatever you want to call it) he
    falls in love with Aya, and effects her "Fate" throughout the series.

    Aya's Mother: -01:56 this evil looking lady here is her mother. she
    blames Aya for the death of her husband and so is messed up in the head after it
    all, and tries to kill Aya. Ceres wakes up as a defensive measure. (the symbol
    was used in the background to depict that. thats the crest symbolizing Ceres's

    Yufei (sp?  going by sound) - 04:33 this guy that ceres is
    reaching for is yet another guy. (this remind you of Fushigi Yugi with all these
    guys looking the same? well same author ;p anyway, this guy is a protector of
    Aya more or less in the series, and loves Aya, but she doesn't return his
    feelings. Ceres oddly enough takes a liking to him though.

    Ceres:-04:33 The blue hair girl that exibits all the telekinetic powers, 
    She is the angel inside Aya. when she awakes, Ayas body takes this form and Aya
    goes to sleep inside her. (similar to the ID syndrome. ala Xenogears) except
    Ceres is a whole different being on her own, rather than it just being

    Other guy: 2:42 this guy i is not important
    in any way to the story of the amv, hes just there for the fight.
    Other blue haired girl (With the dimple): 3:14
    ok here's where it gets complicated. This girl is actually the second Ceres you
    will see later in the AMV. (the 2 Ceres fighting it out)
    She was an experiment to create an artificial Ceres in the anime. she has Ceres
    powers, but she is not Ceres. She is also the meaning behind the 901 hospital
    door (her room) and that scene is when she awakens. The following scenes are
    between her, Toya, and Aya, she takes a liking to Toya, who is already in love
    with Aya, but doesn't remember his past, so the same people behind her
    experiment, make it so Toya thinks his past is with her, as sort of a deal in
    her cooperation. Toya is hit by a car which ultimately causes him to lose his
    new memories of Aya, and the fake ones with that girl surface. this of course
    saddens Aya, and she is in turmoil in her head over the scenes of him with her.
    3:30-3:45ish. Ultimately in the end, Toya remembers Aya and rejects the other
    girl. She is also upset at Aya for killing her mother in the beginning when
    Ceres woke up after her father was killed. (her mother was in that building)
    In the end, she commits suicide by converting back to herself, and letting
    herself fall to the ground, (after Toya rejects her and remembers Aya) and this
    freaks the hell out of Aya, who blames herself for all that happened to the
    girl. The AMV climaxes on this event as the last straw that "breaks" Aya so to

    This was my most difficult project as far as choosing
    scenery to express what I wanted.  I would like to know if this was
    successful at all when you watched it the first few times.  Please do leave
    me an opinion on weather or not you were able to follow the story, and any other
    thoughts you may have on it,  weather it be good or bad.  All Opinions
    are welcome.

    Technical Details:
    Video Format: Xvid 2-pass encode VBR  (Used AD&E's guide specs
    with minor modifications) Use Divx to play for best quality.
    Audio Format: Lame Mp3 192Mbs 48 khz Stereo
    Source Footage: Ayashi No Ceres TV Series,  First 15 or so episodes
    were used, Cleaned up footage  with Smart smoother HSV and contrast filters
    in Virtual dub.
    Software Used: Adobe Primiere Pro (7.0), Extensive use of Adobe Photoshop
    CS for custom effects (like the static/scanlines) and minor footage editing (Toya
    in the rain), VirtualDub, Avisynth 2.5, DVD2AVI.

    Time to complete: +-100 hours in the span of about 2 months, Including
    beta enhancements and footage selection. 

    Personal Notes:
    A few Techniques used in this amv that few are going to notice as an edit:
    00:26 This entire scene of using the crystal ball to zoom into the animation
    (to tell the story like it is happening in the ball)  was fabricated by me
    using a combination of moving footage and Photoshop images.  The following
    scenes were changed to black and white purposefully.  The static lines are
    really just a simple white lines drawn on a transparent overlay in random
    places,  used 4 different images with them scattered in different areas of
    the image to emulate the scan lines.
    00:34 These scenes that flash on the screen in synch with the chimes, are 
    altered.  They consist of three layers,  One on the bottom is blurred, 
    the one over it is slightly transparent with Edge feathered, and moves from an
    offposition to match the position of the first image in synch with the falling
    sound in the chime,  and the third layer is a grey fade effect I made in
    Photoshop by filling the image with grey and using a large soft edge eraser to
    erase the middle of it.  On top of that still is my custom static effect
    which uses the noise filter in Premiere along with the static lines I made in
    00:40 All of these titles are custom.
    00:48 one of my attempts to scene/action synch.  I synched many little
    things that happen on the scenery to the music,  such as lightning flashes,
    scene blends, and transitions.
    01:25 Believe it or not,  this zoom up effect is not my creation, 
    it was in the original anime.  I like it however,  and will probably
    use it again in another project (I know how to duplicate it)
    01:30 This entire gun sequence scene is timed to as much of the music I could
    think to synch with.  The white flashes are all timed exactly to the snear
    drum hits. (They are not random)
    01:48 always wanted to try an effect such as this.  Liked how it looked
    so I kept it in.
    01:50 This one is a big edit.  This original scene was not in this part
    of the anime,  and was actually a scene in broad daylight.  I used
    some HVS adjusting to darken the image to match the surrounding scenery, 
    and used a sequence of Photoshop images to draw in the rain effect overlay. 
    I love creating nonexistent scenery to match my intention when they are not
    available in the footage.  I could've gone a step further and edited the
    background to be green like the rest,  But I didn't feel it necessary for
    the amount of work it would take,  since its barely noticeable.
    02:11 This is just an overlay of the same image,  using wind effect and
    opacity levels to create this effect.
    02:16-02:26 Possibly one of the most difficult parts of the AMV to time. 
    This consists of about 8 layers of stuff happening all at once,  everything
    timed to some part of the song.  Nothing here is random.
    02:35 The escape scene was somewhat of a challenge timing wise,  but not
    as difficult as the above one.  It has use of strobe effects and white
    flashes to highlight the fast beat of the song in this section.  The
    clipping is used to add tension.
    02:50 This part has many use of effects,  and mostly just to help fill a
    timing gap,  as footage was very rare here.  Some of it are stills
    using effects to make it appear like its still moving.
    03:16ish,  the rapid flashing that appears randomly throughout the rest
    of the video starting here, is timed to the rapid sneer that's about a half a
    second in length in the song,  listen carefully you will hear it.  Its
    not an error.
    03:30 This consist of 3 overlayed images played at different starting
    positions at different opacity levels to create this eerie feel.
    03:38 I saw this overlay and zoom up effect used somewhere before and liked
    how it looked,  so I used it here.
    03:44-45 You can thank my little sisters for these 2 neon like effects. 
    I asked them to pick out the weirdest colors they could see as I switched
    between them,  and they chose these.
     03:50-55 Much overlaying used here... its about 3 or so different
    scenes overlaying with each other.
    04:16 This consist of one scene,  (the field)  as the main scene, 
    and different other scenes flashing over it.  I did this to get a feel of
    her crying in the field because of the occurrences she is thinking about (as
    they flash on the screen here)  basically a lot of scene switching is done
    here to try and tie it all together at the end.
    04:31 these are Photoshop images created using a charcoal (I think) filter to
    create the black and white textured look.
    04:36 scene constructed using a lot of fades, zooms, blurs, and overlays to
    create the zoom out of the crystal ball look.
    Special Thanks:
    Madbunny:  For continuous Beta testing and many comments and ideas that
    ultimately made this a better AMV than it would otherwise have been. He also
    gave me the idea for the alternate ending.
    Pen-Pen2002: For catching my spelling/grammar errors,  and  Beta
    testing feedback.
    JoyKiller: For help with Beta testing and some technical issues.
    Xenodrake: For Early WIP testing and suggestions.
    Everyone else on the forums who were helpful in the making of this video.

    Major thanks to Mazedude who graciously gave me an uncompressed render of his
    Blood Bath Synth to use in the project for best quality.
    Various Other AMVs that effected the creation of this AMV in some way or another:
    AMGM Loss (white flashes, inspiration), Eternal Damnation (inspiration), Tainted Dounuts (Original Idea for my custom static scan lines), Evolution (multiple transparant images to depict getting hit (used twice in the fight scene)) and various other titles as inspiration. ALthough I'm sure alot of the effects have been used before, most of the other effects I havn't credited here are my own ideas for this vid, and at least half of those I just found accidentally playing with filters, and thought they looked cool ;p

    Sorry for the large Filesize, I tried to get the absolute best quality to filesize ratio, and due to the heavy action and effects usage in this peice, and the 29.9 fps video rate, this was the best I could come up with. There is a lower quality lower resolution file available from the indirect link. (My host won't allow direct links from this site for some reason. The link to it is directly on the page)

    Local Link is HQ 640x430 Xvid.

    Indirect is both the HQ (640x440) Xvid and LQ (320x240) Mpeg versions. This also contains a few corrections in the credits, and toned down white flashes for those who asked for it.

    Update:The Local link version is a remaster, after obtaining feedback on the forums, Slightly toned down white flashes, and ran through a list of cleanup filters for better compression and better overall visual quality.

    Update: Removed Romance flag since I noticed it ranked pretty high on the romance top 10% list, and it realy isn't ment to be a romance. there are only a few elements of romance in it.

    Just released, The sequel to this video: Angels Redemption 2: The circle of sin. Be sure to also check that one out, as I have matured alot as an editor since this one ^^

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