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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AUN Music Videos
  • Title: Sexy Body Cowgirls
  • Premiered: 2004-03-10
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Eminem & Shaggy Eye of the tiger (DJ Defcom Remix)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: ==== Description: ====

    I got the Idea for this video the moment I heard the song. It started out as just a fun
    project to practice lipsyncing on, but It ended up growing into a bigger project that I
    had originally planned for it, as I got more and more ideas as I made it. One of the
    ideas I didn't realy get to put in was to have Vash and spike fight over the girls,
    Although I used this Concept to a limited extent, Its not nearly to the extent my
    original idea was for it.

    This is my FIRST REAL attempt at lipsyncing and making a parody/comedy video of this sort.
    So any feedback on it is greatly appreciated. This is my 3rd anime music Video overall.
    My first 2 where Romance/sentimental nature. I hope you Enjoy it.

    WARNING: While there is no nudity in this video, the lyrics and select scenes can be
    considered somewhat of an adultish nature by some, So consider yourself warned.

    WARNING#2: Theres actually alot of things in this video that realy shouldn't have been released with. The lipsyncing is not perfected, and this is an example of a project that I ended up getting bored with towards the end, and I think it kinda shows. It is good that I made one like this however, because the reaction I got from it (only a star rating of 3.12) has motivated me to not repeat this again in the future, and will ensure more consistant quality from me on all my future projects.

    ==== Technical Specifics: ====

    Video Encode : 3ivx D4 4.04 (download from the 3ivx website:
    Audio Encode : mpg layer 3 (mp3)
    Software Used: Adobe Primiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS, FlaskMPG
    Video Source: Cowboy beebop Select scenes from Eps 1-14 & Movie, Trigun Eps 8-10
    Audio Source: Eminem & Shaggy, Eye of the Tiger - DJ Defcon Remix
    Images Source: Official and "Doctered" Images from Trigun and Cowboy beepop were used.
    Time to complete: span of 3 weeks, probably over 60 hours... lost count.

    Additional Art by me (bakadeshi)

    === Technical Notes: ====

    0:05-0:13 : Scene with vash in the wind was extended by looped frames. Original scene was
    not nearly long enough.

    0:22-0:29 : Vash Lypsinc rap scene was extended, original scene was about 2 seconds long
    at most. Zoomed up to vash for more impact.

    0:35-0:37 : Wolfwood "thats played out" scene was a little tricky to lipsync and make the
    cigerette not look funny. somehow I pulled it off.

    0:43-0:45 : Spike walking down the walkway - Original scene spike's mouth does not move.
    I drew in the lipsync there.

    0:45-0:47 : I had to use an overlay image and move it with the background for jet's mouth
    to stay closed after the lipsync there. He talks longer in the original scene.

    1:11-1:13 : How many people noticed vash there hanging with all the guys? ^_-

    1:23-1:26 : Another subtle Vash apearance.... this time as a wanted poster.

    1:28-1:30 : A tricky lipsync to do here... can;t seem to get rid of those 2 minor black
    lines on both sides of the overlay though. Try as I did.

    1:41-1:43 : "me have to love them up.." scene was not in the movie obviously, I took 2
    scenes and made one. with a little manipulating to make it look like that.

    2:09-2:11 : where vash says "Yes me gal" is also a drawn-in lypsinc. THis one was harder
    to do than the Spike one though because of vash position and angle in the truck. "Love
    and peace" is also drawn on the door of the truck.

    2:14 : the flash image effect there was intentional, although not sure if it was for the
    better of the video or not. Pause it and see what it is ;p

    2:26-2:29 : This scene actually goes by quicker than I had intended it to, so it might be
    hard to follow without pausing the video to read it. I had always thought faye was
    thinking "unnessesary help" when that guy saved her from those punks she was about to let
    out her frstration on ;p So I stuck it in the video. ^^

    2:32-2:35 : How many people noticed Vash and Wolfwood in the bar? That was a tricky edit.
    The scene where Faye passes by Vash and he wistles has use of Gausian Blurr to indicate
    depth more realistically.

    2:48-2:29 : Another overlay film effect around the mouth that you can kinda see if you
    look real close... I must find out how to get rid of those....

    2:59-3:00 : The building sign was altered to look like that of a hospital/clinic obviously

    3:00-3:02 : This image was used from what I think was an advertisement poster for the
    movie "Knocking on heaven's door" I found it on Google Image search. I drew in the
    tigerskin "Pimp" look on Spike and The lipsync is drawn in. Vash in the corner is an
    overlay (crying effect drawn in). Poor vash ^^

    **Other Technical Notes: The Song was sliced in a few places to make it shorter (such as
    repeat coruses that I thought repeated too much and areas that had no relation to the
    theme i intended for the video) You shouldn't be able to tell where it was sliced.

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