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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Denial
  • Premiered: 2004-03-11
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    • Chris Isaak Wicked Game
    • HIM Wicked Game
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  • Comments: This is a romantic video featuring Hiei's view of 'romance' and how he doesn't want to be in love, all the while knowing it's far too late to back out now. It is, of course, a shonen ai video for the Kurama/Hiei pairing. Anyone who hates yaoi should not watch this. I'll say it again, just in case -

    WARNING: If you hate yaoi, don't watch this video. This video features scenes of two males hugging and kissing and expressing romantic inclination toward each other. If you hate that, watch something else.

    This amv features a wide variety of pictures. The footage is more pictures than anime - but these pictures include original art for the series, manga scans (including 'Two Shots' - the 'first time they met' manga excerpt), and doujinshi scans. A number of doujinshi artists were used as sources, but Arina Toshimi gets shown the most since I'm a huge fan of the way she draws both Kurama and Hiei. Anyone interested in one of the specific pictures can contact me and I'll try to point out which pics came from which dj - though some were snagged off winmx a few years back and are as of yet unidentified. All of the pictures used in this vid were edited by me, in many cases they were changed or redrawn to eliminate text and background 'noise' from the dj/manga source. If anyone wants a copy of the edited source pictures, let me know. I may put them in my YYH gallery eventually, but I don't expect to do it any time soon.

    Another warning is the edited anime section. Aside from three short clips, all of the anime section was edited and reanimated. And with my penchant for pretty colors the result is chaotic at times. The warning -

    WARNING: If pretty pastels or bold color changes annoy you, don't watch this video. Most of the sources were black and white, so I added colors I like. I won't be held responsible if you dislike 'girly' colors and watch the vid regardless.

    Also, this video uses two songs - the first (and the original) is by Chris Isaak and the second by H.I.M. - just for those who might be curious.

    ArcSoft PhotoImpression (frame editing, picture editing), VirtualDub (reanimation/tga capture/layering), MS Paint (picture editing), Windows Movie Maker 2.0 (audio editing, video editing).

    Yaoi-con 2004
    Best Shonen ai/Romance
    Most Artistic

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