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  • Members: Gene Starwind 21122, Skyshroud, needhelp
  • Studio: Outlaw Productions
  • Title: Fighting For Your Love
  • Premiered: 2004-02-28
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    • New Found Glory The Glory of Love(cover)
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  • Comments: Well it has taken me nearly three weeks of 3-5 hour days, but I have finished my newest video called Fighting For Your Love. It is interesting how I got this idea for this video. Well I came up with this idea back in December when I was in Tech School and I had a friend who loaned me his cd. So I listen to it and came across this song here. So I listen to it at least once every night until the idea of using slayers came to me. So finally I returned home at the end of Janurary and worked on a previous video and then started to work on this one.

    I have to say this video also uses more special effects than I have used in any other previous videos. And the lipsyncing was time consuming for me. Now for the video if you like slayers you'll enjoy this video. I hope everyone likes it. And as always ops are more than appreciated. As for the spoilers it depends on how much of slayers you have watched because it uses all three seasons.

    AMV Contests

    Seele Council 2004 - Honorable Mention
    Ohayocon 2005 - Finalist
    Katsucon 2005 - Finalist
    Anime Mid-Atlantic 2005 - Finalist

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