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  • Member: ck25
  • Studio: A C.K. Idea
  • Title: Reprisal
  • Premiered: 2004-02-04
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    • Kill Bill Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: This one just came out of left field....

    Seriously, I woke up on Sunday (Feb. 1st) and said to myself, "I should attempt a trailer," and it is. I had always wanted to try one after I saw the countless Matrix trailer floating around, that is, I thought the idea of trying to come up with a decent way to match video with the audio in such a way that it's humorous but also worthwhile seemed like a pretty cool idea to me, so when I realized that I wasn't going back to sleep (it was 10am), I started to sift through my DVD's for possible trailer ideas...How ironic that my first one be something that wasn't in my collection (don't worry, I still have other ideas :D).

    Anyway, the more I thought about doing a Kill Bill trailer, the more I realized that the Read or Die OVA's could be a worthwhile counterpart and that's when I got to working on it...When I saw that other members had also done it, I didn't get too discouraged...I just figured that as long as I tried something original (at least with source material) there wouldn't be a problem...So a few days later and about 12-15 hours after editing, here it is!

    Just a couple of notes on the video itself:

    - Yes, I do own the RoD DVD and that's exactly where the footage comes from (though I seriously need to learn how to fix the picture quality and all that 2nd pass jargon)...the trailer audio I acquired online (some Tarentino fan site had it available)...

    - The lip sync, although a bit shaky, is probably the best out of any lip syncing I've tried to do...yeah, I know, I only have one other video that has lip syncing, but there are definitely small side projects that I've worked on that won't be hosted on the org that have lip syncing in them...So yeah, it might be a little jumpy, but I think I did better than what my original plan was going to be...

    - I tried to be somewhat different with tht title cards, especially by saying "Manga Films Presents...The 5th AMV...BY C.K."...hopefully no one else has tried that same thing (I didn't download all the other Kill Bill parodies...well just one, but that was before the fact) might not make that much sense, but I still like it...As for the "Kill Deep" thing...I honestly couldn't come up with anything clever without sounding as cornry as I possibly could...and besides, I suppose 'Kill Deep' could have some sort of double meaning O_o...

    - Anyway, I just hope people like every editing decision I made...I personally feel that I hit the mark with some of the scenes and every time I watch the ending, I get especially psyched. With a lot of the swordfight scenes, I tried to match up the audio as best as I could and I really think I've succeeded...but meh, that's just me...Don't forget to leave an opinion if you feel so inclined...thanks for watching!

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