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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Queen of the World
  • Premiered: 2004-01-12
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  • Song:
    • Evita Peron's Latest Flame
  • Anime:
  • Comments: The cast: Relena Peacecraft/Dorlain as Evita (Madonna), Trieze as Peron, and Heero as the narrator (Antonio Banderas)

    For those who haven't seen Evita, a basic plot:
    Evita was a poor girl who slept her way to the top until she fell in with General Peron who ended up being her ticket to ruling Argentina. They married and she argued (very well) for all sorts of benefits for the people. She was met with disdain for how she got her position, but she managed to win people over eventually with her congenial nature and 'well-meaning' words.

    For this video:
    Heero watches as Relena is met with disdain by the men and women surrounding Peron, namely soldiers and the upper ruling class. The soldiers specifically dislike her for taking men's role of 'sleeping around' to her advantage, and for her powers of persuasion. In this vid, they insinuate that she has a thing for Heero - proof that she isn't the good little 'prostitute' she should be.

    This vid was meant to be funny at times, but if you are a fan of Relena, you may find it cruel or disturbing. I see it both ways. In the dub I hated her gutts, in the Japanese version I felt sorry for her but didn't mind her so much. The vid shows both my dislike (hence the mockery) and my pity (you'll know the scenes when they show). Either way, it was *meant* to be a spoof, harmless mockery. Consider this Relena-bashing and don't watch if you love her and are easily offended. There's also profanity in the song (a few words) so be forewarned - it is not watered down. This is the track as it plays in the movie.

    Lip Sync:
    Heh...I can't do lip sync. This vid required quite a bit of lip sync. The worst was Relena whose mouth is so small and odd shaped that it just doesn't flap right. Second was the 'dance' scene - mimicking the dance in that part of the movie (during those lines) - no use of layers with wmm so yes, I flubbed it. But I still find it funny. ;p

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