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  • Member: gypsy
  • Studio: Gypsy Prodigies
  • Title: Mystery Conundrum
  • Premiered: 2004-01-09
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Fly High
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  • Comments: **** AWARDS ****

    Best Action aword at Tekkoshocon 2004
    Best Editor aword at Tekkoshocon 2004

    Best Action/Adventure at Sakura-Con 2004

    It's completed !!! I finally finished this video. Took me a while but here it is.
    In this video I'm building a background. Throughout the video You'll see reference to the background and progress as it's being build. The video starts out with Jihero kinda sad and the other charactres motivating her. She then runs around and gathers all the piecees and "puts" them into place. Along the way she makes a mistake and get's crapped on by the other characters but she's far from detered. She then gets the final parts and completed the background and everybody celebrates. I missed the AWA deadline but it doesn't really matter. I promised myself I wouldn't rush this video. Im glad I didn't and I'll put this video into every competition I can.

    I worked for 49 days on this video during a period of 6 months. Working about 6 hours per day. The rough production time is about 294 hours. I'm betting its more cause I forgot to diarise a few working sessions. Point is I worked long and hard on this video and took every precaution to make sure every beat is sinced proparly and that the video flows and isn't repetitive. I also had my first tango with Adobe After Effects.

    This is a VERY complicated program and it can be an extremely dauting task learning this program without ANY training. Thanx alot for the people on who stuck up with me and helped this noob to a new level of video editing. In the end I used up about 70 gig's of my hdd. This includes the Vob's LOTSA bmp's and stuff exported from After Effects. The exporting part from After Effects took close to 1 hour for each 3D part. You'll know it when you see it. Anyway. Enough rambling. Download the video and tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy it.

    A little on the lip sinc. The video starts out with all the "shadow" and Jihero supposed to build it but doesn't have the strenght (crying part) the other character motivates her. In the second lip sync part she get's dissed cause she's taking too long (zipping her lips so she can't backchat) and she becomes angy and more motivated than ever to finish it.

    **** Update 16 Feb 2004 ****
    I fixed & re-uploaded the video. The credits has been fixed and most of the scenes has been sped down. The song was also editied for times originally. See if you can tell me where I edited the song.
    Note to self-The video was downloaded 575 times in 1 month on before I changed the link...

    **** Update 5 March 2004 ****
    My video has been accepted to compete at Teccoshocon 2004. I'm so excited. I just wish I could be there.

    **** Update 5 Mei 2004 ****
    I found out this weekend that my video was accepted and screened at Sakura Con 2004. I wish they had let me know that my video was accepted cause I was in the area and could have attended. Oh well... I won Best Action/Adventure. I'm happy.

    Now to try and get accepted into Otakon 2004...

    +++++ TECHNICAL NOTES +++++
    Programs used
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Sound Forge 5.0
    After Effects 5.5
    Virtual Dub

    ----- added Thursday, September 01, 2005 -----

    ==== Update 31 August ====
    My site is down for the moment so the file is only available on the .org server.

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