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  • Profile: ++++ Update 25-05-2006 ++++

    I'm not dead, for those interested. I recently returned back to South Africa and I was requested to make an AMV for Eminence. It's a live orchestra that's gonna play on a symphonic song on the video that I'm making. There's gonna be about 12000 people there so i'm fairly excited (That's only in Sydney. For more info go to My video has to be in by June 10th. As I'm typing here i'm about 85% done and I just have to go through and make it all pretty and seemless and stuff...

    In other news I posponed my WMAGMV music video to finish this. Hopefully finishing this will give me more enthusiasm to do that. I'll probably submit it for AWA this year since there's no way that I'll make the Otakon deadline now. Oh well. I promised myself I would not rush it. The Eminence video just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass on.

    So, Till the next update.

    Cheers vir eers

    ++++ Update 1-08-2006 ++++

    A new year, new resolutions and new hopes.

    Not much 2 tell about me. Been editing on and off since 2002. I'm now in the process of becoming a US citizen (to stay with my wife). I'm originally from South Africa where the anime community is, unfortunately, VERY small. Decoy has a list of people that he knows of on the amv forum but I'm sure there's more SA members that we dont know about.

    I'm currently working on my biggest project to date and I'll have it done before Otakon, which I'll definately attend this year.

    Plans for the year is to complete my big project for Otakon and try 2 squeeze in a couple of small projects. I wanna settle down and get my own place and a car with my wife.

    Our website will be up in a couple of months or so, so till the, my Ice Age video is down and not hosted.

    When there's more 2 say I'll let you know what's up.

    Till then,

    Live it large.

    Cheers vir eers.
    ~~~ You are only limited by your ignorance ~~~

    ++++ Update 10-28-2005 ++++

    As of now I'm sitting in my wife's house in Monroe, MI. That's right people. I got married !!! I am very happy and hope I can stay without being deported back home when my visa expires...

    Anyway. Now that I'm done with the years work I can continue to work on my video that's been going on since January... I'm hoping to have it done soon but it';ll probably be another month or 2 before it's done. If I can stay everybopdy can expect to see allot more from me. If not, you'll still see allot of me but my downloads will be limited. (Cable here is cool, dail up back home sucks.)

    The site is down for the time being. Once I know what'll happen I'll register and open it again. I'll upload my Ice Age video to there since it's been removed from the .org's database. (So nice of them to let me know but I understand why.)

    My e-mail is always open to suggestions and questions. I'm looking forward to the new year with everybody.

    ++++ Update 10-1-2005 ++++

    Myself, .:Decoty:. and DiePaashaas have banded together to create "Die Mang-ers". Don't ask what it means, it's afrikaans and I'll update on the meaning.

    I can't believe it's been 2 years and 2 days since my last video update. Anyway. Myself and a couple of friends worked on a music video this week and completed the editing in about 2 days. I know it doesn't sound like much effort but we worked figirously to make it perfect. I hope you enjoy it.

    Let us know what you think.

    ++++ UPDATE 6-March-2004 ++++

    I't's been a while since my last update. (Quite a qhile I see.)

    Neway. News is that I'm leaving for work in the US on Tuesday 9 March. I'm gonna save up cash and come back to take a cource in video editing.

    I started a new project with spriggan but this'll have to wait till I finish with my work. I've made notes and stuff for myself as I'll never be able to remember what I've done.

    I won't be able to post on the site as often as I like and if I owe you a review please let me know.


    ++++ 20 Feb 2002 ++++

    I got hooked on AMV's when I one with Gravity of love (Enigma) with Final Fantasy 9. Till this day I still dont know who did that movie.

    That got me interested to collect Final Fantasy AMV's and then I learned that there are AMV of other anime as well. This led to my interest into anime and finally I started editing.

    I started editning in March 2002 and I got someone to help and tutor me when I got stuck with something. I finished my movie in August and it premiered in Anime USA on 17 October. I never planned to have it shown at a Anime Con but the offer was there so I couldn't refuse.

    I am now collecting Anime and Anime Music Videos and my Grand total of music vids are 4.2 Gigs. I will be starting my next project very soon and as soon as I get my host sorted out I'll upload my movie. Tell me what you think and drop an opinion. I would really appreciate all input.

    Till then

    Cheers vir eers.
    ~~~ You are only limited by your ignorance ~~~

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