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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AUN Music Videos
  • Title: Ordinary Day
  • Premiered: 2004-02-15
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    • Vanessa Carlton Ordinary Day
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  • Comments: Divx 4.1 48MB 3000 bitrate Mp3 audio (Xvid remastered version is planned in the future)

    This is my first Anime Music Video project, and I have to say I had alot of fun learning Adobe Primere on this project. The features such as alpha blend, fade, crossfade, slice and positioning lighting, brightness contrast etc were easy to get the hang off. I do some photoshop CG editing so I do have some experience in creating visual effects, but this is my first for Primiere in a motion picture environment. The Effects use in this video are ment to be simple and clean, just enough to give you some eye candy, but not more than should be needed in a Romance type AMV. It took me about 30 hours in the span of about 3-4 weeks to complete.

    I did submit the video to Katsukon 2004, And it was shown, but due to unexpected circumstances I wasn't able to attend, so I have no idea how well it took with the audience.

    The Concept for Ordinary Day came to me when I was at work and Vanessa Carlton's song came on the radio, I had thought of making a video before, so I thought This is perfect! Spirited away came to mind, I find the song beautifully fits the spirit of spirited away. So I said ok let me stop saying I'm gonna do it and do it already. So I did it.

    This AMV Is a character profile/Romance video, following the relationship between Haku and Chihiro in the movie, and chihiro's experiences between reality and the boy she met in the "other world" with the events sequenced to that of the song. Is it just a dream? or was it real?
    Check it out, I hope you like it. ^^ And please do leave honest Opinions, this is my first go at it, and i'd like to know how I did and where I can improve ^^.

    This is only the first of many planned Ghibli projects comming in the future. Yes I'm an avid Ghibli fan. so sue me ;p

    Note: This AMV is in no way related to the already existing Spirited Away MV to same song by Michael Howe. I actualy found out about his video after I finished mines. Any similarities are pure coincidental. (and there isn't much)

    Added 4/8/2004: This seems to be my most popular video according to star ratings (hovering right around 4, 3.96 at time of writing) And I have learned alot of new editing techniques since this video's creation, so I will probably remaster this one at some point in the near future from pure DVD footage, and redo a few scenes that is not quite how I originaly invisioned them since I lacked the experience to execute them properly at the time. I also think it would be nice to compare my "First" to my "Now" using the same vision and concept, but executed completely from scratch again, this time with alot more experience under my belt. Maybe I'll do it as a 1 year Aneversary project in the fall.

    Warning: Contains Minor Spoilers.

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