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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: A New Dawn
  • Premiered: 2003-10-29
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    • Coast II Coast Home
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  • Comments: "And then it dawned on me. All those years that I prayed, begging on my hands and knees for God to make me more, give me more, make me better, make me stronger, make me saner. Make all my dreams come true. I finally got an answer. Right there in one person, all I'd ever wanted to be, or do. And there you are. You came right through me and I never even realized it."

    -Ellen Burstyn

    I wanted to make a dbz dance vid. Anyone who's seen my vids knows I can't make a dance vid to save my life - but I keep trying like a stubborn fool. This time is no exception. What I ended with is a very odd, colorful dbz vid with action sync that few people will be able to follow (since I seem to have an inconsistent sense of rhythm and tend to stress different things rather than a single steady pattern - steady patterns put me to sleep and if the editing is boring, I wouldn't watch the vid - so there'd be no point making it.) The story - Vegeta and his relationship with Trunks. There is a large emphasis on Mirai Trunks, but be warned that I do not have footage of the Cell Saga so I couldn't use the most significant Vegeta/Mirai Trunks scene - I made do with what I had.

    My goal was to have Vegeta look back on Mirai Trunks as a missed opportunity - first he saw him as competition, then grudgingly accepted him, but not until he died in front of him did he admit to caring. I think this goes well with Vegeta's show of emotion with chibi-Trunks - he isn't going to have another 'missed opportunity.' As for the quote, that sums up my thoughts on the song and the scene choices - everything Vegeta wanted came out in his son, but he was too caught up in his own search for greatness to notice. [The quote comes from 'Divine Secrets or the Ya-Ya Sisterhood'.]

    Yeah, let's just say I let loose on this one - no rules, no restrictions, just me playing with the footage the way I've always wanted to do. It's odd, it's fast, it's flashy, and I like it. You might say this has a TWT warning: Timing-What-Timing? ^_^

    I had to edit this song down a bit - I just didn't have enough footage of Trunks to draw it out any longer. I took out a section in the middle and shifted the ending to remove an extra minute. It still seems to end rather abruptly, but the real ending was much more abrupt so I doubt it makes much difference.

    This vid is encoded with Xvid, so you'll need that codec to properly view the file.

    Windows Movie Maker 2.0 (editing), VirtualDub (editing & compression), BeSweet (conversion), Showbiz (conversion), Nandub.

    **Thanks go to Flint for the TWT reference. ^.~ **

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