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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Blood Fetish (Karasu vs. Kurama)
  • Premiered: 2003-08-15
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    • Ramstein Du Hast
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  • Comments: This video is dedicated to Caitlin and Lana, who wanted a video of Kurama's fight with Karasu. I'm sorry I didn't use 'Points of Authority,' but I already have a Linkin Park Kurama-tribute video, and the lyrics wouldn't have let me fit in nearly so much of the fight as this song. Besides that, I don't have the cd for that song. ^_^;;

    This is a pure action video, and despite the title, I edited out most of the bloody ending of their fight - it's a little more than I care to show, though still not as graphic as some. ^_^; I'm just not that big a fan of seeing Kurama bleed. I did try to catch the main parts of the extended fight, and to speed it up while still having the action be fluid. I spent a lot of work on the timing here, but you won't find any effects - I synced the explosions and such with the different beats and sounds in the music, using the footage rather than flashing lights or sharp transitions. I'm actually happy at how smoothly the scenes go, though I never imagined their fight could be made so *quick* without speeding clips (I didn't speed anything, merely edited the scenes so it looks like they're going faster). And I cut out everyone except a flash of Bui in the very beginning, so this is solely a Karasu/Kurama tribute. [And for the curious, the title comes from a very old GW fic of mine since Karasu reminds me so much of a certain psycho I once wrote about. ^_~ ]

    If you haven't seen this fight and don't want to ruin it, don't watch this video. I left very little out.

    Windows Movie Maker 2.0 to edit the clips, Showbiz to produce the footage, VirtualDub for compression of video, BeSweet for conversion and compression of the audio, Nandub for combining visual and audio.

    This video uses Xvid compression, so you'll need that codec to properly view the file. If you don't have xvid installed, you can download it directly from, under 'Downloads' get the 'Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.4' - run that and it will set you up to view any of my xvid or divx vids in Windows Media Player. You can also contact me ( and I'll set you up with it.

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