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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Eye to Eye
  • Premiered: 2003-08-07
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    • Yu Yu Hakusho Eye to Eye
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  • Comments: This video is dedicated to Paulo, who did me the great favor of translating the lyrics. ^_^

    Note, this video is *not* random scenes fit to music. If it were, I guarantee the action sync would be much prettier and flashy looking. I did my best to pick the scenes I thought the singers were referring to in the lyrics. For instance, Kuwabara starts off mentioning the color of the sky on a day he'd never forget - as far as the series goes, there are two parts he could be talking about (daytime being key here) - when the tournament stage exploded, or the first and only time he went to the Makai (which happens to have a different color sky - hint-hint) - so by necessity I started off with that scene. And I went on with that through the video. I'd like to just say - doing lyric sync is much easier when you're working with your native language. ^_^; Anyway, when you get to Hiei and Kurama's 'English verses' don't go yelling at me. ^_~ All I did was lip sync - they're the ones saying the words so you'd have to talk to the writer of the song and the voice actors (singers). ^_^

    Since Yusuke isn't a singer in this vid, I centered the footage around him a great deal - makes sense, right? ^_^; Yeah, well I did it anyway. The main point of the song is that close friends can communicate without words, so note when two characters are looking at each other and *especially* when they *don't* look at each other. I've noticed Kuwabara seems to be the one doing this most often - stubborn fellow that he is. And the theme of the song (besides silent communication) is that only those who fight together understand this - so I had a nice excuse to have action in the music sections.

    Though I jump around in the timeline of the series according to what they're talking about, you will see a great deal of Toguro (for those who haven't seen the end of the Dark Tournament arc) and Sensui (if you don't know what triggers the Makai arc, you may not want to watch the last 10 seconds of this vid ^_~ ).

    My first avi format. I think I'll need a good month of experimentation before I figure out how to compress properly, so I appologize for the large file size. I trimmed the movie scenes to keep all the footage the same size and for some reason that ended very nastily when I converted to mpg. And the wmv file had too many lines in it. So, for those who are bored and want to know how clueless and pitiful I am at editing, I'll explain what I did to produce this vid. First I produced the timeline (in six 35 second chunks) as NTSC wmv files from windows movie maker 2. I imported that and produced the whole as NTSC avi - nearly a gig in size. This gave a nasty mpg and was inconvertible by any normal methods. As usual I imported it into Showbiz and sent it out as a Hufyuv encoded avi - which I then compressed in VirtualDub (so I appologize if the audio got compressed too much - that's what I need to experiment on the most). And so I have my first xvid formatted file, far too big and still not pretty in quality. All I can say is I have a lot of experimenting to do (now that I know how to convert my avi file into something Virtualdub and other normal converters will accept).

    If you don't have xvid installed, you can download it directly from, under 'Downloads' get the 'Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.4' - run that and it will set you up to view any of my xvid or divx vids in Windows Media Player. You can also contact me ( and I'll set you up with it.

    English Lyrics

    [All = Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara]

    Kuwabara: I will never forget the color of the sky that day.
    Together our strength was lost,
    fallen but still looking on.
    Hiei: But we can fight without handicaps.
    We understood from the first time
    It was something to believe in,
    More than a foul friendship.

    All: Without words, eye to eye, we transmit our feelings.
    Only the ones who fight know-
    Kurama: This priceless friendship.
    All: Shakin' heart!

    Kuwabara: Sometimes when hurt you hide the pain.
    A man still has to fight.
    Hiei: You know trying to comfort me will be hardest.
    Don't talk, catch my deepest feelings without words.

    All: Without words, eye to eye, the flurry (of emotion) will be pierced (understood)
    Sadness will be changed to a smile.
    Kurama: This trully significant kindness.
    All: Shinin' on!

    Kurama: Even without words, eye to eye.
    Hiei: I can get you-
    Kurama: You can get me.
    H & K: Even without words, eye to eye

    All: Without words, eye to eye, we transmit our feelings.
    Only the ones who fight know.
    Kurama: This priceless friendship.
    All: Shakin' heart!

    Special: Kurama fans, be sure to check out the red-eyed Kurama scene at 1:58, very odd. ^_~

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