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  • Member: CrackTheSky
  • Title: Do You Wanna??
  • Premiered: 2015-09-23
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    • Walk the Moon Sidekick
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  • Comments: I swear, I could probably make a video to every song on Walk The Moon's album Talking Is Hard, and this may not be the last one I do. I love the album; the music is just so much fun to listen to, and even moreso to edit with. I had no particular reason for choosing "Sidekick" over any number of other upbeat indie pop songs, other than that Walk The Moon is awesome and there should be more AMVs that utilize them.

    This video is really nothing too amazing, in my own estimation, but I definitely like it. I was looking to do something fun and sweet and upbeat and happy, without any real pathos (unlike my last three videos), so it served as a nice break from what I've been used to lately. Plus it just worked really well.

    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun was not a great anime by almost any standard. It was awkward, had crazy unrealistic characters, and a non-ending with literally every plot point completely unresolved with no promise of a season two (and it looks like we can stop hoping at this point). I would not recommend it if you like, y'know, story in your anime.

    But it was pretty, most of the time, and there were so many fun scenes that it made the perfect source for a video like this. And I do think that this video captures the general themes and subtleties of the characters in the anime; basically, weird wiggly guy annoyingly pursues antisocial nerd girl. That's the anime, and that's this video. The song works so well for it!

    I really enjoyed putting this video together. For those of you who follow my work, you may notice that I really adore internal sync, at least in my more upbeat videos. This one's no exception, and I did my absolute best to make it as visually rhythmic as possible. I think it came out great in that respect, with lots of entertaining editing motifs and generally pretty good flow. Oh, and the lip sync in this video is significantly better than it was in Victims of the Night (although I still think Victims of the Night is the better video).

    Aaaanyway. Download, watch, enjoy, and leave feedback if it's worth it to you. And smile! That's what this video is supposed to make you do :3

    Technical notes:
    My days of using After Effects might be over, which I'm fine with. I only used Sony Vegas 8.0 to edit this, and it probably took me like...12-15 hours to put together. A little longer than some of my recent work, but there were parts of this video that were tedious to put together. I think that's why I prefer internal sync so much. It's the laziest way to sync, plus it looks the best!

    P.S. This was one of my two AWA 2015 Pro videos, and although neither of them got nominated for anything, I'm still grateful for the chance to participate because there were many editors who posted reviews in the Pro review thread and served as my unwitting beta testers. Mwahaha...thank you to everyone who posted constructive feedback, because I did take a lot of it into account and tweaked a number of things for the final release!

    Note on spoilers: I mean this video kind of spoils the anime I guess? But it's not really an anime you probably want to watch all that much so it probably doesn't matter?

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