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  • Title: Convergence
  • Premiered: 2015-02-27
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    • Beach House Silver Soul
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    This is the last in what are three Kimagure Orange Road videos that I made to basically celebrate KOR, a series that has become very dear to me, despite having only just seen it for the first time last summer. It has everything, it made me feel everything, and I wanted to put that into video form...unfortunately, doing so would have been pretty much impossible with one video, so I decided to make three. The first one is here, the second here.

    KOR is a phenomenal anime. It's not perfect, but even its flaws can be charming. The characters are phenomenal -- some of the absolute best I've encountered in an anime -- and the love story was relatable for me in more ways than one. When taken as a whole (meaning, the series, plus the OVAs, plus the two movies), KOR is a sweeping slice-of-life high school epic, and I love it. It made me laugh and smile, it made me choke up and almost break down in tears, and it did everything in between.

    These videos were, in a general sense, inspired by Pwolf's ginormous Macross tribute video, Angel's Voice. Although his is one huge epic video that basically encompasses everything Macross, and I have three separate videos that are completely different from one another, I think the general approach I took in making these videos was very similar to Pwolf's: I wanted to take all the emotions, all the little bits and pieces, everything that makes KOR what it is, and make a video out of it...but it was just not feasible for me to do this with one video, so I ended up making three.

    These three videos are, essentially, KOR in a nutshell. Not always from a story perspective, granted, but I at least wanted to convey the various aesthetics and motifs that permeated the series and movies. I hope it comes across; KOR is at various points fun and happy, painful and heartbreaking, wistful and melancholy. I wanted to treat you to all these different emotions and provide a kind of overview of KOR in the process. If you watch these videos, you'll know exactly what KOR is like. You should watch the series, but in case it's too much trouble...hopefully these videos will serve as an acceptable substitute.


    This is the last video in my trilogy of KOR videos, and it's...well, I'll let you decide for yourself. It's probably my least favorite of the three, but you may like it more than I do, who knows. It focuses in on Summer's Beginning, the second KOR movie, which was good but probably also my least favorite thing in the franchise. It didn't have the fun and humor found in the series, nor did it have any really, super-emotional stuff like in I Want To Return To That Day. Pile an unnecessarily convoluted story on top and it was very "meh", although it wrapped up all the loose ends and the animation was top-notch, so it had its good points. I enjoyed it, but I preferred other parts of KOR as a whole much more.

    Unfortunately, my relative ambivalence for the movie probably came through in the editing more than I'd have liked, but I may be overthinking it; I was really going for a low-key, melancholy mood, which I think I did. It's possible I'm mistaking that for lazy editing, I don't really know. Again, I'll let you decide.

    This video is a little different in terms of its concept, and to really understand it and why I did what I did might require a little background explanation, although I'm not going to go into too much detail. It's not a re-telling of the story in the movie, although it touches on the "time trip" aspect of Kyousuke's Power, which the story in the movie kind of hinges on. This video takes the idea of a time loop and applies it over and over; there are some key scene repetitions and hopefully you're able to pick up on generally what's happening. I'd like to think it's pretty clear.

    The whole idea for this was inspired by two main sources; the first was Megamom's The spiral that girls up wake, a phenomenal video that I can't recommend enough, but the second was a little more local to KOR in the form of episode 38 from the series, which featured a Groundhog's Day-esque repeat of the same day over and over. This video is more of a tribute to that episode than anything else.

    There's really not too much more to say on this. As usual if you keep up with my releases, it's a simply-edited video with few effects. The only notable thing in this regard would be the desaturation that I applied throughout the whole thing. I didn't want to go full-on black and white because I just did that, so I turned down the saturation by about two-thirds to give it a more washed-out, faded look. I think Beach House's music really evokes this kind of aesthetic anyway, and I quite like the visual result.

    So, sit back, relax, and try not to fall asleep, 'kay?

    Technical notes:
    Edited solely in Sony Vegas 8. Took me maybe...10-15 hours to edit. A lot of that time was spent staring blankly at my computer screen, desperate for inspiration. That counts, right?

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