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  • Member: CrackTheSky
  • Title: Death From Above, 1988
  • Premiered: 2015-01-24
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    • Black Era Martyr (Soul)
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  • Comments: This is a weird video. More people will probably dislike it than like it, which is fine with me. It was an experiment and I'm happy with it, though I definitely think I could have taken it a little further. Oh well.

    I had needed something to enter the 2014 AWA Pro contest, and this was the video I chose to create. Something relatively simple and more than a little out there. I wanted it to be distinctive, and I think it was, but the general consensus of those who posted in the AWA Pro discussion thread seemed to be along the lines of "Wha...?" or "Felt unfinished". I decided not to change anything from the version I entered in Pro so you'll probably think the same thing. It didn't win or get nominated for anything...too bad!

    To be fair to myself, I had all of one episode from KOR to use for this video, and I used just about all the functional footage from that episode that would make sense in a video like this. And for those of you who haven't seen KOR, you're going to come away from this video thinking it's a war anime, and that makes me laugh a little inside.

    That said, it was fun to make, and I do wish I could have done a little more to flesh out the concept, but as much as I like the idea behind this video I think it's the mixing of two such disparate sources that really makes it work. And since there is literally nothing else in all of KOR that would work for this video, about a minute long was as much as I could manage.

    Someone in the discussion thread asked if this was meant to be a Godzilla tribute...well, it wasn't, but it looks like I may have inadvertently created one. I'm cool with it!

    Also, yes, the title is a not-too-subtle reference to the band Death From Above, 1979, although I feel like a bit of a tool having the title of this video be what it is as I don't really listen to the band, I'm more just aware that they exist. But it came to me when I was struggling with a title a couple hours before the deadline and I liked the way it sounded and it was late at night and I had to work the next day so I stuck with it.

    Finally, this is the closest I'll ever get to making an actual Attack on Titan video, so enjoy it for the minute it lasts.

    Technical notes:
    This video was edited using a combination of Sony Vegas 8, Adobe After Effects 7, and Photoshop CS2. It didn't take me very long...maybe 10 hours or so? If even that.

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