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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Together (a dbz movie)
  • Premiered: 2003-07-02
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    • Initial D Kyosono Densetsu
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  • Comments: Gagh! This video went through four completely different versions. The first had an audio problem, the second had poor visuals, the third was pretty good both ways but had the music score off by about 5 seconds in some places, and the fourth...well, that's it. I'm never doing this video again so this version will *have* to do. ^"^ And I actually kept the audio quality this time. I'm so proud of myself. But on to the video.

    This is a dbz movie, specifically the 'Super Android 13' movie - for which I don't know the number. After watching quite a few dbz amvs lately, I had the call to do another, focusing on one movie this time, and playing with sound effects and timing. As you'll see in this, I may have had a little *too* much fun - there's a rougue 'lip sync' in here, powering up to the sound of tires squealing (of all things...really...), and I find this a fun video to watch. It goes out to any dbz fan who wants it. The originality buffs and anti-actionvid fanatics can take the day off from this one. ^"^

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    [NOTE: This remix was done by DJ Crono.]

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