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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Samurai Warriors Productions
  • Title: Battlefield Set - Ready - Fight!
  • Premiered: 2014-10-08
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    • Trapt Bring It
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  • Comments: I spent a good amount of time on this AMV, probably close to 60 hours originally. After going back and doing some re-edits on the amv it was closer to 80 hours for this project too.

    I've always wanted to make an AMV using Zoids. I wanted to make a pure action AMV. People told me lipsync does not belong in action videos. That you should not use short transitions. So I took their advice. I really like how this video turned out. I really focused on the beat sync, lyrical sync and emotion. While the video is about the battling that happened in the tournament and how there could only be one winner. The show did not have too much of a plot besides that. Besides people trying to find their perfect Zoid to be paired with.

    Overall I had a lot of fun. It brought back a lot of memories when I first saw the show. I hope you enjoy this high action packed AMV of Zoids battling it out.

    Gene Starwind 21122

    Anime Weekend Atlanta Pro Contest 2014
    Anime USA 2014 - Runner Up Coordinator's Choice

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