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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Samurai Warriors Productions
  • Title: Fighting For Your Love Remastered (10 Year Anniversary)
  • Premiered: 2014-10-08
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    • New Found Glory Glory of Love
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  • Comments: Hello everyone,

    So when I was thinking about my next AMV to work on this video came to mind. I've always wanted to go back and remaster this AMV. The original edit I did of this remaster video I did in 4 days for Anime Mid Atlantic's AMV Contest. Then after rushing to get it done becuase they needed entries for Romance I've went back on it over the past several months and touch things up.

    I really enjoyed revisiting this AMV. Gourry fits the voice of the song perfectly, as he is pretty clueless. This video has a little of everything in it. Comedy, Romance, Drama, Action and Upbeat. The original version was my most downloaded and opinionated AMV I had created. I'm hoping you guys enjoy the remastered version. I have lost track of the hours I spent on it. Probably 80+.

    The DVD footage is from the original DVD's I used several scripts to enhance the quality of them for it being such an old anime. I like how it turned out and it looks a lot better than the original AMV did.


    Finalist at Anime Mid Atlantic 2014
    Finalist at Youmacon 2014
    Finalist at Oni-Con XI
    Finalist at Anime Salt Lake 2014
    Anime Weekend Atlanta Expo 2014 Contest

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