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  • Member: CrackTheSky
  • Title: Nothing's Gonna Happen
  • Premiered: 2014-06-28
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    • Tal Bachman She's So High
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  • Comments: Let me just get this out of the way right now: I hated Please Teacher. I thought it was stupid, cringy, full of holes and took a lot of emotional cheap shots. I realize that knowing this may taint your opinion of the video; so be it. I want to be upfront with y'all. Because as much as I hated the anime, I really, really enjoyed making this video. This one was fuuuun. Yerp.

    So, with that said, it begs the question: Why make this video in the first place? Am I a masochist or just a lazy editor that can't be bothered to find something better to use? Well...definitely not the former, and I suppose the latter is up for debate. In any case, my rationale for this one might be familiar for those few of you who actually keep up with my releases.

    Let it be known that, when it comes to editing at least, I have never had an original thought. Well, I don't know about that, but if I'm honest, I do...cough cough...steal ideas every once in a while. It happens, y'know? Sometimes I just want to see awesome ideas done the way I want to see them done. Nothing wrong with that...lots of people would argue that AMV editing thrives off of stuff like this. I'll leave the validity of that claim to the viewer.

    In any case, this is indeed another instance of me trying to improve on someone else's work. At the time of this video's release, I had been spending my lunch breaks at work downloading and watching old AMVs on my tablet. Literally, what I would do is use the .org's Super Search to find all Local downloads from the year 2001, and then just scroll through page after page, downloading any videos that looked like they might be the least bit interesting. I did this for weeks on end, and I came across a TON of hidden gems this way -- videos that only had a couple thousand hits (which is comparatively minuscule, given that these videos have been around for 13 years now) that were actually very good.

    One such video was called High Above Me by an editor named Tholomyes. This is his only entry on the .org that's available for download. Nobody's ever heard of him. The video itself was, admittedly, not very good. And at this point I had never seen Please Teacher, so I had no context when I watched the video. But...something about it grabbed me. I thought the concept was solid, and I really wished it had been done better.

    It also probably helped that I've always loved this song. It was around the time that this song was very popular that I started actually paying attention to music. I know the song is musically nothing special, and most of my enjoyment of the song probably comes from nostalgia. But whatever!

    In fact, that is probably what helped push me to really want to re-make Tholomyes' video. I've been obsessed (and I do mean obsessed) with old-school videos lately. See my last (serious) entry, Hold Me Up, where I purposely tried to emulate the old-school aesthetic. I've done that here, too. I want it to feel like a video that came from a different era. I'll probably be taking a break from this style for my next couple videos, but you can bet this won't be the last video of mine like this. I love love love making these videos.

    Anyway, I saw High Above Me and I wanted to do it better. But first I had to watch Please Teacher. So I did, and through doing so my eyes almost rolled out of my head several times and I discovered that the root of all evil isn't money, or even the love of money, it's Please Teacher.

    I really hated Please Teacher.

    Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. It was a cute anime, in its way. But the animation was decidedly awful. The characters were one-dimensional. The story was ridiculous beyond the scope of a normal anime, mostly because there were tons of inconsistencies and plot holes, and every time Kei yelled "Sensei!" it made me want to punch him in the mouth so he could no longer yell "Sensei!".

    The first hour or so of editing this felt like a chore, but once I got past that things started falling into place and it got fun. Really fun. Fun to the point where I was questioning if I really hated Please Teacher as much as I said I did (I do). But I really am fond of this video, at least as of right now. It has that old-school charm I love and it fits in nicely as a follow-up to Hold Me Up.

    It's simple and straightforward, nothing too complicated here. I tried to (vaguely) follow the concept of Tholomyes' video, showing Mizuho's three main roles in the anime, but I didn't bother to adhere to it too strictly. Really it's just another fun romance video that you've probably seen before, with other songs and other animes. But I still hope you enjoy it :D

    Technical notes:
    This video was edited in under a week. I probably spent...oh, I dunno, 10 hours on it? Not very long, but then I wasn't doing anything too complex. Much like Hold Me Up, this video has been intentionally encoded to low-quality MPEG in order to give it a more "old-school" feel. The only program I used for editing was Sony Vegas 8.

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