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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Full Metal Outlaws
  • Title: Don't Mess With Fairy Tail!
  • Premiered: 2014-05-04
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    • Thousand Foot Krutch Courtesy Call
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  • Comments: Hello everyone! This is my first amv I made in 7 years, since Hunters or the Hunted back in 2007. I really enjoyed working on this AMV. I decided to get back into editing because I really missed it. I've been wanting to make another amv for a while now, I finally got the time and was able to put one together.

    This AMV uses Thousand Foot Krutch a band that I have really enjoyed over the years. I have been on a huge Fairy Tail kick recently. When I heard this song, the lyrics and the instruments just seemed to fit the idea for Fairy Tail.

    Also if any is curious the intro to the amv is Warning, the track leading into Courtesy Call.

    In the 2 months I worked on this video I spent close to 60 hours of editing. I want to thank GloryQuestor for his help in getting the video encoded for the org. It's been a while since I had to do this type of encoding work, and now I know the newest techniques.

    I hope you guys enjoy this AMV as I have had a lot of fun working on it. Only thing left to say is "It's time to turn it up!"

    Programs used

    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    **IF YOU PREVIEW THE VIDEO IT IS IN 1080p so it will not look as sharp streaming. To see the full resolution of the video please download.

    Also feedback is greatly appreciated. If you do leave feedback and want me to look at something of yours just message me on the forum with your video and I'll go ahead and give you a review too.

    UPDATE - If you downloaded this video before the line error that was in it has now been fixed so it's no longer a distraction. Took 15 hours of re-editing but it's done.

    Awards and Finalist

    AkaiCon2014 -WINNER OF "BEST CON THEME" (Good vs. Evil)
    Finalist at Anime Mid Atlantic 2014
    Finalist at Anime Salt Lake 2014
    Anime Weekend Atlanta Expo Contest 2014

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