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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: No Need
  • Premiered: 2003-06-27
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    • Corey Taylor Bother
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  • Comments: -->Note: I've been told this amv has shonen ai overtones. This was *not* my intention, but I felt I should warn of it anyway. I was hoping to portray a very close friendship only, and for a person like Hiei who never had any friends before them. I blame the shakey line between strong male bonding and yaoi. Either way, this warning should scare off anyone who might sense the same thing.

    This video is dedicated to Rose Thorne, who was kind enough to introduce me to the song. And since it's for her, the video has quite a bit more footage of Yusuke than I generally prefer, and there's even a good deal of Mukuro, someone I don't like. But that's besides the point.

    The story is from Hiei's point of view, looking at his friendship with Yusuke and Kurama, and how they're separated when he chooses to stay in the Makai with Mukuro. The video is rather sad, and goes through some of Hiei's childhood memories, as well as significant moments such as the Sensui arc, the last time the three were together as a team before separating. And the climax, of course, is Hiei's battle with Mukuro, and I tried to show Hiei's decision to stay in the Makai by looking at it as a half-betrayal to the friends he's leaving behind but something he feels he has to do.

    There isn't a lot of action in this since the song is rather slow for the most part, but I like drama myself, so I'm happy enough - and what action scenes I managed to get slower clips from fit nicely into the story. If anyone has trouble *following* the story, do let me know. I think it should be pretty clear, whether you've seen the entire series or not - so long as you know the three of them separate to fight on opposite sides in the Makai arc, and that in the end Hiei stays in the Makai while Yusuke and Kurama go back to the human world. If you know that, the story should be set.

    Editing: The audio on this is not good - it isn't awful compared to some of my others, but I could not salvage it like I did with my last vid. Showbiz refused to cooperate, and I couldn't recover the timing I'd had when I synced it in Windows Movie Maker. Also, rather than cutting clips for the rhythm, I did a partial sync. Some scenes will change along with the guitars, but in others I tried to have the light (lightening, power flashes) in sync with the music rather than just jumping from clip to clip. I think it worked for the most part. Other than that, my biggest problem making this video was that I could not get footage of Yusuke's fight with Sensui - my dvd was unreadable. Looks like I won't be using anything from those episodes until I can either repair the dvd, or get a new one. I had to plot the story around that missing section.

    -->If this video looks abnormally stretched in windows media player, you may have to watch it in Winamp3. There seems to be a bug depending on the player settings.

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