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  • Member: CrackTheSky
  • Title: The Enrichment Center
  • Premiered: 2013-09-28
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    • Victims of Science The Device has been modified
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  • Comments: There isn't too much to tell about this video. In fact, the most interesting thing about it is that it was blatantly ripped off of another video because I loved the anime/music combo but the original video was not well-edited. (Hmm, I feel like we've been down this road before). I like Lain videos, I've done a number of them before, and it's a source I think has a lot of potential to be used in unique ways, although it tends to be pigeonholed into the horror/weird/other categories.

    This one's no different, unfortunately. I just wanted to try something quick and fun to enter into the 2013 AWA Master's contest, and after spending over 100 hours on my previous work, this was a nice break. I'm actually surprised with what I was able to get done in that time, to be honest. I like this video quite a bit. I don't love it, but I like it. It's not flashy or deep or anything, but I think it's well-edited and I'm happy with the lip sync and scene selection. The visual quality kinda sucks, but then I'm stuck in the past, man, and I guess you'll just have to deal with it for this video. I'll be working on that whole HD thing next time around.

    Anyway, if you enjoy this video that's awesome. Tell your friends. Pat me on the back next time you see me. Or something.

    Technical Notes:
    Sony Vegas 8.0, Adobe After Effects 7.0, and Photoshop CS2.

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