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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Title: Midland
  • Premiered: 2003-06-15
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  • Song:
    • Cagatan L' Interieur
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  • Comments: First, the song for this video is in French, so anyone who understands French lyrics probably shouldn't watch this. Since I have no idea what he's singing, I did not match the footage or storyline to the meaning of the lyrics, only the sound. On that note, though, anyone who understands and knows the name of the artist (or the song!) do let me know.

    This video contains footage from the first 5 episodes of Berserk, and focuses on Guts and his movement into the war, as well as his competition against Griffith. I used the song because it has the 'mood' that I imagine a person fighting and killing in a war would be under - regretful, accepting, always moving forward, as well as spurred on by personal motives. The beat also reminds me of a soft canter - which is what made me first think of the cavalry movements in Berserk. It also, has the aire of a heartbeat which I tried to bring attention to by putting emphasis on the steady beats despite the rise and fall of the lyrics - the action or pace of the story may speed at times (as in a war), but the people living through it are on a steady path - and the beats continue without change through the length of the song.

    Problems: The music was garbled after I produced the movie, and nothing I did could fix that. Also, I went overboard on the beat-flash combination, so expect some excessive flashes throughout most of the video, especially the slower moments when there's no action to match the beats. This was something of an experiment of mine, but I doubt I'll be going to such an extreme with it in the future. Still, I do think this video fits quite nicely in the 'different' category.

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