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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Tales
  • Premiered: 2012-06-25
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    • KENN with The NaB's Wake Up Your Heart
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    "It's not really meant to be an artistic video anyway. I just wanted to mash Tales openings together to an upbeat song and make people wonder what this shiny stuff is so they'll look it up and BAM! More Tales fans. "

    -Ingenious idea from a Tales fangirl.

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    So this is my tribute to the Tales Of series of games, made originally for Anime Expo 2011 and completed for the Your Tales Of competition hosted by Namco Bandai UK.

    In a way, this video was technically finished at the beginning of May since I sent it to AX except it had bugs here and there but that wasn't even the biggest issue, the worst part was it didn't have the "feel" I was looking for. So I spent the next month or so tweaking a lot of the scenes and cuts and also re-doing the whole colouring work. I also managed to find an avisynth script (thanks to whoever left that on the dropbox :D) that cleaned up A LOT of the issues in some of the openings which were previously unusable but now look awesome. (Especially Hearts which looked particularly nasty) It also meant I could actually follow one of my first ideas of using all the Tales games, so if you look carefully there is at LEAST one scene from EVERY game in the franchise. Er...well...every mothership title anyway. I couldn't find all of the escort titles. D:

    I did think of making it more flashy with cooler transitions because the OP footage was really pretty but I liked the simple hard cut style because it felt more like an authentic opening this way so in the end I didn't have the heart to change it. So yes the video was designed to feel like an opening. I wanted it to be fun and adventurous so I tried to go for most of the bright daytime scenes and while I didn't really intend to go for lyric sync, I guess to some extent it does fit. My main focus was on the mood and feeling though so I rather you focused on that when watching. ^^;


    Super big thanks to Kazemon15 who gave me most of the Tales openings used in this after I was about to pull my hair out trying to find decent downloads. And also to shadowofchaos725 from Youtube who kindly uploaded his massive 50 minute Vesperia artes video for me after I requested it like a day before the deadline. And of course to all my beta testers, I'm sorry I couldn't implement everything mentioned but I was really grateful for the feedback.

    Ok, I think I'm done. (Wow I write so much rubbish XD) I hope ya all enjoy the video and continue to support this awesome series! Or if you've never tried Tales before but this video interested you enough to try it then PLEASE DO SO. Let's spread the Tales love around! ^^


    Some notes:

    For now there is only the softsubtitled version. Hence why the local file is mkv because I muxed the subtitles in but they have been set to off as default so if you want them, you need to turn them on yourself. (For VLC, right click --> subtitles and choose track)

    Indirect link takes you to the Gameplay version. Same as local but the bridge uses entirely different footage. For those who've read my journal post, I left the orphan frame in this one. First person to find it special mention? XD

    Separate softsubs file

    (Right click --> Save Target As)


    LOCAL HAS SPOILERS FOR TALES OF VESPERIA. Please watch the indirect gameplay version if you haven't played the game but plan to do so in the future!

    Actually if you haven't played Vesperia then wtf are you doing watching this video? GO AND PLAY THAT AWESOME GAME FIRST THEN COME BACK AND WATCH THIS. XD


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