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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Without You
  • Premiered: 2003-06-11
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    • Saliva Always
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  • Comments: This is not your usual dbz amv, considering my penchant for drama and dislike of general action. Yes, this is a yaoi amv, a dbz yaoi amv, so if that bothers you, run away now. The pairing, in case you couldn't guess is Goku/Vegeta, and the vid is from Vegeta's perspective. There *is* action in this, as well as a likely over-use of fade-ins (about the only effect I've mastered ^_^; ). It goes pretty fast, but I think the quality turned out pretty well considering the speed and the usual problems I have with making romance vids that are quick-paced. I'm pretty happy with this amv, mostly for the original use of dbz footage - I haven't seen any yaoi dbz vids so far, so this very well may be the first. Kudos for me, if it is.

    The footage was limited since I only have about seven dbz dvds, but I tried to keep repeated-scenes down to a minimum.

    -->If this video looks abnormally stretched in windows media player, you may have to watch it in Winamp3. There seems to be a bug depending on the player settings.

    Warnings: Yaoi, shonen ai, GokuxVegeta pairing
    Editing: Windows Movie Maker 2.0
    Compression: Showbiz
    Notes: looks awful in wmp, use Winamp 3 to view

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