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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Wingman: Men Of Steel
  • Premiered: 2011-09-17
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    • Airbourne Runnin' Wild
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    Men Of Steel(OTR)|Final Frontiers

    This project didn't start with me watching the movie but with me trying to do JAGDMEISTER again. Back in January it looked like there would be no time to concentrate on full projects like Renegade: Versus or Cyrillic Redux so I decided to do sth small again - much like the eva video I did in 2010. So when it was about the source first thing that came to my mind was the new macross movie. It needed to be goodlooking enough to keep editing simple and still blow minds. JCD already told me about it and how superawesome it looked. So I watched it and I was blown away. Not only did it capture the best parts of Frontier. It also added so much more. At this point I was highly enthusiastic about this project so I started looking for songs. As all people do, I tried for some electronic trance stuff that sounds like open space but also takes up speed in its run. I even contacted Shui with specific details about that song but he couldn't help me. So at one point I had this idea of using Airbourne. Originally I wanted to use Airbourne for a war AMV that I was planning around that time but with another song. But I decided to use Airbourne for this AMV as well as part of my training for the bigger AMV. But as the End of the first movie is no end and I love to do sequels, I decided to do 2 AMV's, one for each film. The second one will pick up exactly where this left you of so hopefully it will be a good experience to watch them one after the other.

    Random Fact:
    Here's a fact that needs to be added. Before I continued with my plans I told myself that I had to fully understand Macross for this. So I watched all of it. In 5 days. That included SDF, 7, 7 OVA's, 7 Movie, Plus OVA's, Plus Movie, Zero, DYRL, DYRL music video collection and of course the Macross F Movie. I skipped on the Frontier TV Series as I already watched it 2 years ago and preferred the movie. What I learned from that is. Macross is not about the Mecha or the battle. And it's not only about singing girls either. It's about the harmony of both of them.

    After I got back from my New Zealand vacation with JCD and a lot of awsm ppl we met on the way I had some time to spare so I started editing this. The working title back then was "Over the radar". I planned this project to get me somehow noticed. Still by now I know this is technically an impossible task. I kept editing until the end of march until I dropped it for finishing some schoolwork. Originally this was ment to be shown on Anime 2011 in Almelo in the Netherlands but I couldn't make it in time. That's when I decided to make this a full project for Connichi. Also I participated in the Iron Chef 4 tournament hosted by brad. The macros film got choosen for me even though I planned to edit with another Anime. For the sake of not giving away too much I didn't use any of the dance scenes. Also that song was kind of shit which is why I probably only used random space battle. However when watching "OTR Preview" (Over the Radar Preview - name of my 4th IC entry) you will notice many scenes that also made it into "Men of Steel". As for the name of this video obviously it's an spoof on the real "Man of Steel" but ... I decided for this name after I had already found the name for the second wingman video. I will fully explain the origin of this name with the release of "Wingman 2" (just the working title :P).Anyway to keep this short I edited on this for a second time in may and finished it on my third run in July. I made some last changes after the premier at Connichi since I didnít like the original intro back then.

    The first Con I entered was AWA Pro. I was really excited about the voting process but didn't get that much feedback. I did also send it to NDK where it made it into the finals of Action (which Iím proud about) but eventually lost. Last convention this entered was Connichi. It was my main reason to edit it so I'm quite happy that it won the exclusive contest by judge's choice. It was my first time winning a contest so ... yeah Iím good :D

    1st [Judges] at Connichi 2011 (Exclusive)
    Finalist Action at NDK 2011 (Nan Desu Kan)

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - Adobe After Effects CS4
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special Thanks to:
    Sojiro (for creating the numbers and his good support)
    mirkosp (for helping me with the footage and his good support)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-files)

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