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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Wingman: Final Frontiers
  • Premiered: 2012-09-01
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    • Airbourne Raise the Flag
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    Men Of Steel(OTR)|Final Frontiers

    Now this is a mess. Or is it? This AMV was supposed to keep me editing and actually killed it for me. Welcome to Wingman: Final Frontiers - the long announced successor to Wingman: Men Of Steel.

    This is probably the AMV with the longest preparation time that I ever worked. It started in January 2011 when I got my hands on the BluRay of the first Macross Frontier Movie, loved it and decided to do 2 AMVs - one for each Movie ... WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? About the history of Men of Steel please read the actual video description. Concerning Final Frontiers, here we go.

    After deciding for Airbourne as my music of choice for the Wingman-Duology it became clear to me that my favorite Song Raise The Flag had to be the song for part 2. After finishing Men Of Steel it also became clear to me that the end of the first AMV had to be the start of the second. So I left the end open, hoping that the remainders of the fight and the second Macross Frontier film would provide enough footage for Future-Uwe to finish the job. While that kind of worked out it resulted in a lot of work connecting the loose ends. After finally watching the sort of underwhelming The Wings Of Goodbye I knew that the Firebomber Prison break scene had to be in the mid part and that the first part should lead from where Men Of Steel left of right into it.

    So I started to prepare my footage, threw some scenes on the timeline and ... stopped editing. For 5 whole months. I tried to continue multiple times but I couldn't get my ideas together. It just seemed to be an impossible task to do. I had to edit Wingman 2 because i announced it. I had to work on the MEP because i promised it. And all the stuff I really wanted to do had no time on the schedule. So I decided to focus all my strength on finishing FRACTION and after that stop editing. Because why should i continue. I found a well payed job, I have like no spare time left, there is a lot of media I want to consume - why bother editing this mess? That opinion lasted until May when I met some real editors and some of my AMV-Idols in Chicago at Weddingcon who told me about their motivation and the crazy stuff they do for nothing in return. It was them who inspired me to continue editing. So when I came back to Germany ... I didn't do any editing and prepared for my Euro-Motorbike-Tour on my R 1200 GS motherfuckers. It was actually not until mid June after that Motorbike tour that I totally threw myself into editing the hell out of Wingman 2. I completed the whole video in like 5 weeks with constantly working on it for at least 5 hours a day - more on weekends. After Connichi-AMV-Contest I did some final changes as usual and uploaded the whole damn thing.

    The name goes back to Star Trek - The Final Frontier and was decided at the very end. I originally planned to call it Wingman: The Final Frontier but didn't like it towards finishing the AMV. An alternate name i was thinking on is "Wingman: Wings Of Valor" but i liked that one even less. So like i changed the Man Of Steel into Men Of Steel i changed The Final Frontier into Final Frontiers.

    I'm not saying I will never do a Multi-AMV-Project like the Wingman-Duology ever again ... but unless they release more FMP-Anime this was probably the last time I did something like this. My next AMVs should be something new I haven't tried yet ... at least that's what I wish to do. So I guess I'm back to training.

    Wingman: Final Frontiers premiered along with Men Of Steel on September 1 at Kumoricon 2012 but didn't participate in the actual Contest. One week later it participated in the Connichi 2012 AMV-Contest where it made a split Third Place in Judges Voting along with Lapskaus Friendship is WURST . I did also send it to NDK 2012 where it made it into the finals of category Action. It will also participate in the AWA 2012 Pro Marathon.

    Wingman Future:
    I will probably, at some point, make a Master-Collection to the Wingman-Duology with both AMVs thrown together, with new scenes added and some changes to the story and visuals as well as proper credits.

    3rd [Judges] at Connichi 2012 (Exclusive)
    Finalist Action at NDK 2012 (Nan Desu Kan)

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - Adobe After Effects CS4
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special Thanks to:
    amvde (for your love and support)
    ZephyrStar (for inspiring me to continue editing)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-files)

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