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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Title: Hanyou Mix
  • Premiered: 2003-07-12
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    • Tears for Fears Shout 2002 (White Label Mix)
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  • Comments: First, the song. This vid uses part of a 7:40 length song - I cut it into 3 parts, and this is the first part. The idea is to have 3 vids that can be placed in a playlist and be watched in succession, but not to force anyone to sit through a 7:40 song if they don't want to. The first video is this one, titled 'Hanyou Mix' because it features Inuyasha, a half demon who wants to be a full demon. By itself this video is little more than an action vid, featuring the Inuyasha/Kouga battle. But I used this battle because Inuyasha was framed so Kouga would attack him, and this is one of the few fight scenes in the anime where Inuyasha doesn't want to fight back. I set things up so you can see that he's a 'good' guy despite his nature, in that after Kouga beats him, he still goes after the person who attacked them both. Of course, since this is a prelude to the second part, you can expect to see Inuyasha lose - so if you're looking for a happy ending, don't watch this.

    The second part is the 'Ningen mix' - featuring ningen Inuyasha *and* ningen Kurama. Yes, it's a crossover since I simply don't have enough human Inuyasha footage to manage with him alone. But the inclusion of Kurama fits the idea perfectly since it will be a vid showing the two in their weaker moments - again, an unhappy ending. The third part is the successful closer, titled 'Youkai mix,' and featuring full demon Inuyasha (yes, I mean the psychotic killer ^_~ ) and Youko Kurama in their more violent but victorious moments. All together the three are what I like to call my 'Demon Mix.' ^_^

    As for the editing of this vid - I managed to fix my compression bug, but as some of you may have heard, I'm back to the most basic Windows Movie Maker 1.0 - meaning no effects whatsoever. I'm hoping to manage an upgrade to 2.0 before I finish the second and third parts, but it doesn't look likely. Either way shouldn't matter, though. I've never been much for effects as it is. The quality of this vid *is* pretty good for me, but the footage has still gone through 3 levels of compression. I'm surprised to say that it is *still* fullscreen-worthy. I wouldn't watch it any other way. And this is my first vid without bumpers, so don't expect any. Last note - the ending is sudden. I didn't fade out the music, and that's because I want to be able to set it on a timeline and have it flow right into the second part (the beginning of which has a matching fade). Wow. That should about cover it. ^_^ Enjoy.

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