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  • Members (24): Fall_Child42, Chiikaboom, Decoy, ExSphere, GloryQuestor, Haunter103, Iamshadowkiller, Ingow, Kitsuner, LantisEscudo, MystykAMV, NS, Nya-chan Production, Otohiko, ReggieSmalls, Tsunami Jones, dreamawake, godix, inthesto, jubjub2, macchinainterna, mirkosp, ngsilver, wurpess
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Iron Chef Idol 4 WHTCFSBTB
  • Premiered: 2011-04-10
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  • Songs:
    • American Idol Alone
    • Arashinome My Name Is
    • Catastrophe Clash Black Hole Sun
    • Decoy No Limits
    • Erasure Always
    • ExSphere C.R.E.A.M.
    • Fall_Child42 Wonderwall
    • Glory_Questor I'm Blue (Da Ba De)
    • haunter103 Baby Got Back
    • Iamshadowkiller Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
    • Ingow What It's Like
    • Inthesto I Want It That Way
    • JubJub2 Save The World
    • Kitsuner Inside Out
    • LantisEscudo I Go To Extremes
    • macchinainterna X-Files Theme
    • MirkoSP Nord Sud Ovest Est
    • MystykAMV Hit Me Baby One More Time
    • ngsilver I Love Your Smile
    • NS When I Come Around
    • Nya-chan Production Lithium
    • Otohiko Song 2
    • ParanormalDog One Week
    • ReggieSmalls In My Bed
    • Wurpess What is Love?
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  • Comments: ICI 90s WHTCFSBTB

    by Mark J. Reagan

    He had the greatest job in the universe.
    He had the worst job in the universe.
    Name: Karbo Killdriver
    Job: Part Time Dog Waste Removal Technician

    Dog waste removal. Might sound easy to some. Walk around. Find dog waste. Remove it with your dog waste removal kit. Simple. But itís not simple. Because this is space. And Karbo Killdriver is the greatest Part Time Dog Waste Removal Technician in the universe. Can find that dog waste and remove it no matter what. No matter how that waste was sprayed onto those space apartments, onto the ships in the dead of space that no one thought could be cleaned.

    This is because Karbo knows the score. He knows the rules. He is above them. He is zen. People think they know zen, but not until they have seen Karbo in the depths of space, tethered like Uma Thurman to a basketball the size of Memphis. Those dogs, some might think theyíre small, cute like miniature cows eating peanuts out of a grandmotherís hand, but these dogs arenít like miniature cows eating peanuts out of a grandmotherís hand, theyíre like miniature cows eating peanuts out of the hand of a Ďroid-raging clown, make-up smeared like jellybeans over the face of bullfighter, and only the most vicious of miniature cows can accomplish that. Them clowns is aberrations, horrors unlike man-made infernos that consume all the pretty children.

    Karbo Killdriver thinks of the children. If those dogs are vicious, beyond vicious, someone has got to think of the children, think of what the space dog waste will do to them, do to their respiratory systems, and thereís nothing more important in space than childrenís respiratory systems.

    He dons his waste removal technician suit, a monstrosity of metal and zero-G combat modules that would make a space marine fall to his knees and pray in tongues to be spared. You might not think that part time dog waste removal requires such measures, that thereís nothing that requires such measures, but Karbo isnít you and you should be glad of that, because you could not stand the pressure of space that is exerted on this one man. This man is a hero. Because of him, you can breathe in space freely, free from toxins that would make you throw scientists into awaiting jaws of the ancient race of Space Dinosaurs, gilded in gold, in silver, in diamonds, in the faith of primitive man, they are the Lords of Deepest Space. Karbo Killdriver killed them all. He shed a tear. That is the kind of man Karbo is.

    Be glad for Karbo. He gained the power of the Space Dinosaurs, uses it for the good of mankind, so that he can enter into battle with waste that only he and approximately three other minds can comprehend. But only part-time. You would be full-time. But he can do it part-time. The rest of the time he spends making necklaces out of beads for disabled war vets. They donít appreciate Karboís necklaces, but thatís all right to Karbo, because he doesnít do it for the money, he does it out of the love of his heart. Immense love like a supernova, like a thousand supernovas, that if you were exposed to you would disintegrate or at least get severely sunburned, but it is contained in the furnace of his soul, flames licking off of it like water sliding over the hardness of his body. The wonderful hardness that his space Geishas massage as he soars through the sky that is space, doing part-time battle with the waste of the demon dogs.

    Karbo is a Part Time Dog Waste Removal Technician in space. And this is his story.

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