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  • Profile: I don’t really think that this is necessary at this point in time, nor do I honestly believe I am of any significance to make a post of this nature. However, I do feel I need to give myself closure in some way in regards to my relationship with this site and its community.

    I have been on the Org for over nine years, and in those nine years I have learned much about editing, and I have made many good friends, for those who I am most grateful for. However in these nine years much has changed for me as well as my feelings toward this community and my interest in editing.

    To make this post short and simple; I don’t really belong here. Personally, I never truly felt I did. Even still, I wanted to make some effort to be a part of this community and connect with other creative minds. What I didn’t realize until now is how anxious it made me feel to interact with so many creatively-driven people, each with their own tastes, opinions and interests in editing. I was more intimidated than inspired, and even now the feeling hasn’t changed for me, and it has come to a point where it now affects my interest in video editing.

    I love to edit. It has become a serious passion to me. And that is why I feel a need to move on from AMV.Org, and from an anxiety that polarizes me from growing creatively. I have resolved to do what is best for myself and for something that has become much more personal to me than I could have ever imagined.

    Thank you, and goodbye.

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