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  • Member: ShonenDizzyCow
  • Studio: Shonen Productions
  • Title: Rei, Clone Trooper
  • Premiered: 2003-05-28
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    • Starwars Episode 2 Clone Trooper TV Spot
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  • Comments: Well this video also had an interesting development.

    One fine day in 2002, You Choose Sam, The Rest was telling me about this Star Wars Project ( that was being planned, based on the ‘occupation’ TV-spots. However at that time, I was really busy with other videos and was reluctant to commit, however I did go through the remaining TV spots that were apparently not taken yet, and decided to choose the most obviously simple to do TV spot – which apparently looked like the Clone Trooper spot. Hmm how hard can it be? No dialog, some simple scenes. Easy, easy, easy.

    Not so. When the project actually began in Feb 2003, and I started to really give the TV spot I choose a look, it dawned on me that this must be the world’s most boring TV spot there is, for the very reason that I choose it in the first place, no dialog, bunch of no-names in armor and almost non-existent sounds effects to help the synching process for the most part.

    I’m screwed.

    I also had decided before hand that I wanted to make the video based on Rei being the Clone Trooper, which was interestingly parallel enough for it to work. However looking at the footage there were tons of shots with the Clone Trooper Fighting and shooting it’s blasters and for those of you who have seen Eva, Rei has the least amount of combat footage with guns using her Eva Unit. Hmmm.

    I’m screwed.

    So I did a quick and dirty 2-hour draft of the video (thank goodness for the short running time) and felt it was bleh. Then Wuwu showed me his beta of his Utena-SW TV spot, which surely made me felt crappy since it looked so good, but it did encourage me to really improve my vid. Firstly it looked like I would have to go the effects way because as I’ve mentioned above, the footage was unco-operative, so there was not much choice in that, as much as a crappy effect dude I am. Secondly already being prepared to use some effects to help out, and decided that I would make Rei pilot Unit 02, for the main reason that Unit 02 has the most suitable footage of combat, also which would make for an interesting twist in the Eva continuum.

    So off I went to work. With the help of some Photoshop tutorials that wuwu pointed my way, and about 30-40 hours later here it is. I hope it stands up well with the other previously released videos from this project as well as any upcoming ones. This was also the first project where I used selective ripping of footage off the dvd.

    This must be the most time/second I’ve spent on such a short video (my shortest in fact). So much for choosing a video that was supposedly ‘easy’. Ironic. Especially the last sequence, which I admit was tons of fun to do (and a good lesson on some compositing effects, for me). You may want to pause certain scenes to read all the in-jokes, though. ^_^

    It may be noted that my video may be the most inconsistent with the others, but it’s inherent in the video, since if I had to be 100% consistent I had to use Spike since the clone troopers looked like Jango, which wouldn’t be as fun I think and I think the project wanted each one done to a different series. There is however continuity with Ashyukun's Samurai Windu video in the gunship transport dept. ^_^

    Also if you compare it with the original TV spot, I think I really strived to really improve the video way beyond the boring original spot, which is what I always try to do when I make trailers/tv spots, not simply trying to make an anime replica of the original footage. See both and compare.

    You can download the original TV spot I based on (or any of the other SW project spots) from

    Since the video is short, I could afford upload a high quality encode, and still have it under 10 megs. Do let me know if the encode is too demanding on lower-end systems. Thanks!

    As always, Enjoy!

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